Kia Picanto Color: Which hue is the best for you?

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Kia Philippines offers six options for its hatchback.

The Kia Picanto is one of the most popular models in the country thanks to its characteristics such as practicality, efficiency, and affordability. Kia Philippines is offering its small hatchback at a starting price of Php 590,000 for the base 1.0 LX MT variant and goes up to Php 745,000 for the top-spec 1.2 EX AT variant.

Kia Picanto front view

Kia Picanto hatchback

If you are thinking of buying a new Kia Picanto, then you also have to consider which color options you should opt for. The PH-spec Kia Picanto is available with six color options, namely the Alice Blue, Clear White, Honey Bee, Lime Light Pop Orange, and Titanium Silver.

To help you choose one color, we have listed down all six so you could compare before heading to your nearest Kia dealership. Take note that the Kia Picanto colors might vary from the actual model. As such, use the following as a reference only so you can be one step closer to finishing your car buying process.

Flashy finish

We’ll start with Kia Picanto colors available in the Philippines that offer a flashy or bright look on the go. These include Pop Orange and Alice Blue. Most exterior details of the hatchback are body-colored, meaning that the color of features such as the outside door handles, front and rear bumpers, and side mirrors will depend on your chosen paint finish.

This will help you have an easier time in choosing a body-color finish that won’t contrast with some of its standard exterior colors. The Pop Orange color option should provide a youthful and exclusive appeal to the hatchback’s finish as orange is not a common color for today’s cars.

Kia Picanto in Pop Orange color

Kia Picanto Pop Orange

You just might want to keep in mind that bright colors like Pop Orange can accent the dirt, dust, or scratches on your Kia Picanto. This will prompt you to regularly visit your usual car wash shop to keep the bright and flashy look intact. You know what they say, trying to look good has a price to pay. In this case, around Php 50 per car wash visit.

This issue also applies to the Kia Picanto color in Alice Blue. Needless to say, the Alice Blue looks sweet on the hatchback. Looking at the blue shade in this paint option, one would expect that a young woman owns the vehicle. As such, we could say that the Alice Blue option looks a lot complimentary for women car buyers.

Kia Picanto in Alice Blue color

Kia Picanto Alice Blue

However, if you are that type of person who likes to look a bit different from the crowd, then maybe the Alice Blue option isn’t the paint option for you. Blue is one of the most used car colors in the world after white, black, and gray. Instead, you can go for the Pop Orange if you still want that flashy exterior finish that looks kind of unique on the go.

Daily driver Picanto

Next up on the list is the Kia Picanto colors that provide a plain and simple look, namely the Titanium Silver and Clear White. These paint finishes might look somewhat common on the road, but both the Titanium Silver and Clear White can offer benefits that other color options don’t.

Both the Titanium Silver and Clear White can hide minor stretches or dents seamlessly. That said, your Kia Picanto will look neat and clean most of the time as compared to other body color options that accent the damages on the exterior. You could save some dime and time from frequently washing your car to look clean.

Kia Picanto in Clear White color

Kia Picanto Clear White

Moreover, the Kia Picanto color in Clear White can help reflect the sun rays of the body of the vehicle, resulting in a cooler cabin. This could be a must-consider factor for some Filipino car buyers especially considering that the weather in the country can get so hot in the summertime.

You do get black window outlines on the pillars and blacked-out grilled as standard. Opting for the Clear White body color option can help your Kia Picanto to showcase a classic black-white combination.

Kia Picanto in Titanium Silver color

Kia Picanto Titanium Silver

If you think that the Clear White is too bright, then you can instead go for the Titanium Silver option. This is the Kia Picanto finish closest to gray or black color if you are a fan of dark themes. A dark-colored car provides an executive look, making your hatchback look more premium. Plus, the Titanium Silver should go well with the standard blacked-out grille.

The only thing that you might want to keep in mind is that Clear White and Titanium Silver are considered the most common colors in cars. With that being said, both the said body paint finishes for the Kia Picanto could take away the feeling of exclusivity or at least the benefit of looking distinctive on the road.

Sunny looking hatch

The last color theme on this list offers a yellow-green type of finish. These can be delivered by the Honey Bee and Lime Light options. The Honey Bee body paint color is perhaps the brightest color option Kia Philippines is currently offering for its economical hatchback.

Kia Picanto in Honey Bee color

Kia Picanto Honey Bee

Moreover, the Kia Picanto color in Honey Bee is not a common finish among Picanto owners, except for those who are into the car customization scene. You can grab this opportunity to look different from most Picanto owners, if distinction in color matters to you that much. Perhaps the most common colors in the country include Titanium Silver, Clear White, and red from previous year models.

As for the Lime Light option, this seems to be the signature of the Korean car brand for the Kia Picanto. In fact, there is an exclusive variant, also called the X-Line, in other markets where Lime Light option is the main theme for both the exterior and interior. This exclusive variant gets Lime Light trims on the grille and in the cabin.

Kia Picanto in Lime Light color

Kia Picanto Lime Light

The Kia Picanto X-Line is not available in the Philippines. So the Lime Light body paint option is the closest to get a similar look to the exclusive variant of the model. And just like the Honey Bee paint, Lime Light is also a not-so-common choice for car buyers so these two are your go-to if you want to look a bit different from the rest.

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Know more about Kia Picanto 2024

Kia Picanto

The Picanto is a city car model sold by Kia Philippines. There are is one for this model, the Picanto EX MT. Prices for this Kia Picanto 2023 trim currently stands at Php 700,000.

In the Philippines, the Kia Picanto uses a 1.2-liter engine that can produce up to 83 horsepower and 122 Nm of torque. It is then paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. 

Size-wise, the Picanto is 3,595mm long, 1,595mm wide, and 1,495mm in height. It also has a wheelbase length of 2,400mm. 

Locally, the Kia Picanto competes against the likes of the Toyota Wigo, Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Brio, Suzuki S-Presso, and Chevrolet Spark. 

₱ 700,000

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