Ford Ranger Color: Which hue is best for you?

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There are 10 color options to choose from. Yes, ten.

The Ford Ranger is the best-selling unit of the Blue Oval company in the Philippine market due to various reasons. One of which is its wide array of variants. Thanks to its numerous variants, the Ford Ranger is able to cater to the different mobility needs of those in the market for a rugged pickup truck.

Ford Ranger front view

Ford Ranger midsize pickup truck

Part of its variants is several available body color options offered by Ford Philippines. The Ford Ranger can be availed of with a total of ten colors. However, not every color option is available to all of the truck’s variants. Color availability will depend on the chosen variant.

As such, we’ll take a deep dive into the available colors of the midsize pickup truck so you can help decide before heading to a Ford dealership. Take note that the Ford Ranger colors might vary from the actual model. You can use the following as a reference only.

Ford Ranger XLS

The baseline variant of the Ford Ranger, the XLS, is available with four body color options, namely the Arctic White, Absolute Black, Aluminum Metallic, and Sunset Red. If you are looking for a Ford Ranger color that stands out, then you might want to consider the Sunset Red paint finish.

Ford Ranger color in Sunset Ranger

Ford Ranger Sunset Red

With the Sunset Red, your pickup truck will manage to look sleek even if you get the base XLS variant only. Plus, red paint generally goes well with the black trims of the model which can be found on the grille, wheels, side steps, and rear bumper.

Just keep in mind that Sunset Red is not as red as the True Red option which is available in the FX4 variants only. But if you like to trim down some unnecessary costs by choosing the base XLS variant, then the Ford Ranger color in Sunset Red should do. The Sunset Red and True Red are the only red paints on the roster.

Ford Ranger color in Aluminum Metallic

Ford Ranger Aluminum Metallic [Note: Photo shows Ranger Wildtrak]

If you wish for a simpler look, then you could add the Aluminum Metallic to your list. This paint job provides a somewhat robust look as it creates a metal finish appeal, a robotic layout if you will. It sits somewhere in the middle of black and white, not too bright and not too dark.

Ford Ranger XLT

Moving up one variant is the Ford Ranger XLT which is available in four body color options, including Arctic White, Absolute Black, Aluminum Metallic, and Meteor Grey. This variant removes the Sunset Red from the options and adds the Meteor Gray, a color option that is also available on higher-end variants.

Ford Ranger color in Meteor Gray

Ford Ranger Meteor Gray [Note: Photo shows Ranger Wildtrak]

The Ford Ranger color in Meteor Gray provides a darker finish as compared to the Aluminum Metallic mentioned above. This is the color option that you should opt for if you want a dark hue, but not to the extent of black paint.

Speaking of black paint, Ford Philippines is offering its midsize pickup truck with the Absolute Black color option. Considering that the theme of the Ford Ranger is black, the Absolute Black paint will seamlessly blend with the standard exterior features of the truck. Now, this could be a good thing or a bad thing. The answer should be subjective.

Ford Ranger color in Absolute Black

Ford Ranger Absolute Black [Note: Photo shows Ranger Wildtrak]

Brighter color options are available on this variant include Aluminum Metallic and Arctic White. The biggest benefit in opting for a bright paint job specifically for the PH-spec Ford Ranger is that it will help accent the standard blacked-out exterior details of the pickup truck.

Ford Ranger FX4

The Ford Ranger colors for the FX4 Max are as follows: Arctic White, Absolute Black, Aluminum Metallic, Meteor Grey, and True Red. As said earlier, Ford Philippines is only offering two red paint options for its midsize pickup truck. And one of which is the True Red available only for the FX4 variants.

Ford Ranger color in True Red

Ford Ranger True Red

So if you are thinking of buying the Ford Ranger FX4 Max, we recommend that you get the True Red paint option. The hue of the True Red creates a sporty appeal which can make the truck look more aggressive. It is further complemented by the blacked-out trims of the model.

You can also use the True Red body color option as a statement on the road, saying that you have the money to get the FX4 variant. Ford Philippines is offering the FX4 variant at Php 1,320,000 for the 4x2 MT variant and goes to Php 1,510,000 for the FX4 4x4 AT. Fortunately, the sleek-looking True Red color doesn’t come with an additional cost.

Ford Ranger color in Arctic White

Ford Ranger Arctic White

On the other hand, you can roll out with a simpler look with the Arctic White. This Ford Ranger color is available in all variants except the Wildtrak variant. Perhaps the biggest advantage in owning a car with white paint is that it hides water spots and scratches better as compared to other color options.

Ford Ranger FX4 MAX

Now we move to the new Ford Ranger FX4 MAX. It is available with six color options, namely the Arctic White, Conquer Gray, Absolute Black, Meteor Grey, True Red, and Blue Lightning. Looking at the options, the Blue Lightning and Conquer Gray are the new and exclusive paint finishes for this variant.

Ford Ranger color in Blue Lightning

Ford Ranger Blue Lightning

Opting for the Blue Lightning Ford Ranger color in 2021 sure looks nice and sweet. However, you might not feel as unique as compared to other exclusive paint finishes considering that blue is a common choice for Ford Ranger owners even for the previous generations of the midsize pickup truck.

Ford Ranger color in Conquer Gray

Ford Ranger Conquer Gray

So if you are that type who considers the feeling of exclusivity, then maybe the Conquer Gray should be your go-to option. The Conquer Gray body color option should go well with the black wheels, grille, roll cage, and bumpers of this variant, creating that army-like appeal that looks ready for any challenges on the road.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak

Last up on the variants is the Ford Ranger Wildtrak, offered with Snowflake White Pearl, Saber, Absolute Black, Aluminum Metallic, and Meteor Grey. One can say that you can never go wrong by choosing the Saber body color option, the closest gold Ford Ranger color. 

Ford Ranger color in Saber

Ford Ranger Saber

This is the signature and theme color of the Wildtrak variant. What’s more is that the interior of this variant gets Saber stitching and trim, completing that all-around look. And just like the other variants, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak still gets blacked-out exterior details.

Ford Ranger color in Snowflake White Pearl

Ford Ranger Snowflake White Pearl

Another exclusive body color option on the Wildtrak is the Snowflake White Pearl. The Ford Ranger color in Snowflake White Pearl provides a premium yet clean look to the finish. If you wish to choose this variant, you might want to keep in mind that Ford Philippines is including an additional Php 15,000 for this body color option. Worth it or not? Your call.

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Know more about Ford Ranger 2021

Ford Ranger

The Ranger from pickup specialist Ford received numerous facets and practicality and is one of the long-running in the segment of pickup trucks. Still, it has changed a lot in recent years, with the latest iteration combining rugged good looks and off-road capability with a spacious cabin and numerous tech features.

The sport-themed oriented urban truck was intended for the buyer's active lifestyle. Hence, the Blue Oval Company's midsize pickup truck is also utilized as a lifestyle 'weekend' SUV aside from being just a pickup car. Its robust and multi-talented platform is common for both Ford Ranger and Everest, the latter is considered one of the leading SUVs in its respective segment.

Powering the Ford Ranger is either a 2.5-litre or 3.0-litre Dura TORQ TCDi diesel engines that supply high values of power and torque as well as better mileage. It also features enough room and additional space at the back for either business or personal purposes.

The double cabin pickup truck comes with on-road agility, together with its competent handling and reasonable off-roading capability with a 4x4 mechanism. Moreover, the midsize pickup truck features top-class safety features and competes with the types of Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux, Chevrolet Colorado and, Mitsubishi Strada.

From ₱1,155,000

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