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Updated Aug 18, 2023

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Looking to shake things up.
2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max Review | Philkotse Philippines

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2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max Review: Introduction

The Ranger pickup truck is one of the important models of Ford Philippines in terms of unit sales. Despite having the decade-old T6 platform, the Ranger is still captivating Filipino car buyers. Ford PH shared that the 4x4 versions of the Ranger sold a total of 1,273 units in the first quarter (Q1) of 2021. In March 2021 alone, the Ranger yielded 760 units sold.

The numbers tell you that the Ranger has yet to lose its appeal in the market as it can still be considered as a sales generating model in Ford PH’s lineup. This also shows that Ford PH wants to continue capitalizing the Ranger’s sales performance in the market. But, how can you sustain something that’s competing against relatively newer pickup trucks in the local market? Well, the blue oval brand found an answer to that gap by introducing the Ford Ranger FX4 Max.

The Ranger FX4 Max is inspired by the off-road capabilities of the Ranger Raptor but with more focus on being a workhorse pickup. So, what can this new Ranger variant offer? Could it be considered as a practical buy? More importantly, how can the Ford Ranger FX4 Max shake up the local midsize pickup truck segment? Read on to find out.


Ford Ranger 2021 Review

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2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max Exterior Review: Off-road ready

The Ranger FX4 Max comes with a bold and commanding stance that’s complemented by a rugged design. It’s a truck that has the right balance of bruteness and finesse. At first glance, you can instantly say that the Ranger FX4 Max has a confident, off-road-ready appeal. You can also see bits of hints of the Wildtrak and even the Ranger Raptor. It’s as if this truck is the middle ground of the two Rangers.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max front shot

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max

The truck’s brute exterior is highlighted by the blacked-out grille that features a massive “FORD” trim, a design detail similar to the Ranger Raptor. It also has similar-looking headlights found on the Wildtrak but the FX4 Max comes with halogens instead of LEDs. The front end is finished off with a muscular bumper. Overall, I like the Ranger FX4 Max’s front design despite having halogen headlights. The use of halogens gives you the impression that the Ranger FX4 Max is a pickup truck that’s designed with practicality in mind and of course, to keep the price competitive.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max side shot

It comes with beefy all-terrain tires

Turning at the side, the 2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max has the same design detail as compared to the Wildtrak. There are some exterior accessories that make the FX4 Max unique and look more aggressive than the Ranger Wildtrak. The first thing that will get your attention is the 17-inch dark alloy wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich all-terrain tires. The said wheel and tire setup give the truck a muscular and rugged appeal. It also has non-slip side steps. The thing I like most though is the black-on-black exterior color of the truck. And oh, it comes with a ground clearance of 256mm, which is higher than the Ranger Wildtrak’s 232mm.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max rear shot

Typical rear design of the current Ranger

The FX4 Max features a typical rear design of the Ranger. It’s fitted with familiar-looking taillights that are similar to the Wildtrak. The matte black sports bar is what makes this FX4 Max different from other Ranger variants. The addition of the sports bar is more than just for aesthetics purposes as it is useful in off-roading. You can install additional lights to it, and it also functions as a safety feature when a rollover occurs. Of note, this truck comes with Fox shocks absorbers for a better off-road driving experience, but more on that later.  


Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford Ranger Raptor

Model Price Philippines

₱ 2,339,000

Maxus T60

Maxus T60

Model Price Philippines

₱ 998,000 - ₱ 1,328,000

Foton Thunder

Foton Thunder

Model Price Philippines

₱ 1,180,000 - ₱ 1,350,000

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max Interior Review: Practicality over premium feel

The Ford Ranger FX4 Max has a black interior theme with a more straightforward and simpler layout as compared to the Wildtrak. The FX4 Max doesn’t come with a plush interior, which makes sense since this truck is meant for rough activities or off-road adventures.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max dashboard

Straightforward dashboard layout

Ford designed the Ranger FX4 Max’s interior to be durable, which explains the use of hard plastic materials throughout the cabin. It leans on practically and lets go of some of the premium-like features you see on the Ranger Wildtrak. But it still gets an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, placed at the center of the dashboard.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max steering wheel

The FX4 Max has a large steering wheel

It has a leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio and phone controls. It also has 4.2-inch digital displays on the instrument cluster. The seats are in leather with suede inserts and FX4 Max embroidery, which is a plus considering the truck’s straightforward interior layout. I just wish that Ford opted to provide some illumination to the gear lever indicator. This is to make it easier for the driver to know which gear is engaged.

This truck also has all-weather floor mats, which are more durable, easier to clean, and can absorb water better. Indeed, it’s clear that the Ranger FX4 Max is built for individuals who want a truck that doesn’t need too much pampering.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max rear seats

It has good legroom

The rear seats can accommodate up to three individuals but for maximum comfort, two passengers fit best at the back. It has a bench-type seat since it’s a pickup truck, but it’s slightly leaning back which contributes to the overall ride comfort.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max cargo bed

The Ranger FX4 Max has 981 kg payload capacity

The cargo bed of the Ranger FX4 Max comes with a bedliner. It also has a significantly better payload and towing capacities as compared to the Ranger Raptor. The FX4 Max has 981 kg payload capacity whereas the Ranger Raptor only has 748 kg. In terms of towing capacity, the FX4 Max has 3,500 kg while the Ranger Raptor has 2,500 kg. The reason for this is that the Ranger FX4 Max features a leaf spring suspension setup as compared to the Ranger Raptor’s coil setup. This truck also has an e-locking rear differential. As such, the Ranger FX4 Max is a truck that can be for work and play.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max: Tech & Safety Review

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max Apple CarPlay

Connect your smartphones seamlessly

In terms of tech, the Ford Ranger FX4 Max has an eight-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The said feature allows you to seamlessly connect your smartphone to the Ranger FX4 Max’s infotainment system. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto let you access certain apps installed on your phone, which can be helpful when you’re out on the road. It also has Ford’s Sync 3 tech that’s integrated with voice commands.

The said touchscreen doubles as your rear parking sensor indicator. The Ranger FX4 Max doesn’t come with a reverse camera, which is a bit of a letdown since it can give you a better view of what’s behind the truck when you’re backing up.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max rear sensor

Rear parking sensor indicator

One of the features that make the FX4 Max unique from other Ranger variants is the auxiliary switch pack, located on top of the infotainment touchscreen. The truck has a total of six aux switches that can be used as a control point for additional accessories like lights, winch, and etc. To add, it also has two USB ports and a total of six speakers.

When it comes to safety, the Ranger FX4 Max has all the standard features you can expect from a modern truck. It has an anti-lock braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution, electronic stability control, roll-over mitigation, traction control, among others. The FX4 Max is also equipped with cruise control, hill start assist, hill descent control, and ISOFIX. Of note, it only has driver and front passenger airbags as compared to the Wildtrak’s six.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max: Engine & Performance Review

The 2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max is powered by a 2.0-liter Biturbo diesel engine that delivers 210 hp and 500 Nm of torque. The engine is connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission and has a 4x4 drive layout. It has the same engine and transmission as the 4x4 Ranger Wildtrak and Raptor.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max engine

Same engine found on the Ranger Wildtrak and Raptor

The FX4 Max’s engine is no slouch as it can deliver adequate power and notable acceleration. It also has a good throttle response that allows you to overtake slower vehicles with confidence. The transmission of this pickup truck shifts smoothly giving you a comfortable drive. It shifts at around the 2,000rpm mark when driven conservatively, which is good when you’re thinking about fuel efficiency.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max front

The black-on-black exterior makes the truck more aggressive-looking

Another thing that you’ll appreciate is the FX4 Max’s light steering feel. It simply shows you that pickup trucks are now designed with driver and passenger comfort in mind. The steering wheel setup of the Ranger FX4 Max comes in handy when you’re driving the truck in the city. The light steering feel gets noticeably firm as you start to gain speed on the open highway, which gives you better control of the truck. It is also stable on the expressway, giving you peace of mind throughout your drive.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max Fox shocks

Fox shocks make the Ranger FX4 Max more off-road ready

Speaking of which, the suspension of the Ranger FX4 Max leans on the firm side, which is expected for a truck that comes with a leaf spring suspension setup. But, the Fox shocks make impact absorption more bearable especially when the Ranger FX4 Max is driven on rough terrain. The leather seats also keep you in place whenever you’re driving through a sharp turn. But, some individuals might find it a bit of a task to park this pickup truck especially if the parking space is tight due to the lack of a reverse camera. Although, it has parking sensors that can alert you in case you’re about to hit something when you’re backing up.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max: Fuel Efficiency

During my stroll around the city, the Ranger FX4 Max registered a fuel economy of 11.5 km/l while driving at an average speed of 40 km/h. On the open highway, the FX4 Max managed to post 14 km/l while driving at an average speed of 90 km/h.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max Philippines: Verdict

There’s no doubt that the Ford Ranger FX4 Max is a very capable pickup truck. It has the performance and capabilities to back up its rugged exterior look. Indeed, you can consider this truck as the workhorse version of the Ranger Raptor, and the more off-road ready machine in comparison to the Wildtrak.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max front

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max

The way I see it, Ford PH is giving the market a new Ranger variant that aims to combine practicality and functionality. Coming in at an introductory price of Php 1,698,000, the FX4 Max is one of the value-for-money trucks compared to other Ranger variants in the local market. That is if you’re the type of individual who loves to go off-roading on a regular basis.

To add, the FX4 Max is Ford PH’s way to keep the Ranger marketable or relevant in its segment that’s filled with trucks that come with fresher and more distinctive design updates. Think of the Nissan Navara, Isuzu D-Max, and Toyota Hilux. We all know that the Ranger is due for an all-new design update, but we just have to wait a bit more for that to happen. So, while we wait for it, Ford PH is looking to shake things up with the Ranger FX4 Max.

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max: Variants & Price

Ford Ranger Price & variants in the Philippines

Ranger 2.2L XLS 4x2 MT

PhP 1,155,000

Ranger 2.2L XLS 4x2 AT

PhP 1,215,000

Ranger 2.2L XLS 4x4 MT

PhP 1,304,000

Ranger 2.2L XLT 4x2 MT

PhP 1,299,000

Ranger 2.2L XLT 4x2 AT

PhP 1,330,000

Ranger 2.2L FX4 4x2 MT

PhP 1,320,000

Ranger 2.2L FX4 4x2 AT

PhP 1,380,000

Ranger 2.2L FX4 4x4 MT

PhP 1,450,000

Ranger 2.2L FX4 4x4 AT

PhP 1,510,000

Ranger 2.0L Bi-Turbo FX4 MAX 4x4 AT

PhP 1,698,000**

Ranger 2.0L Wildtrak 4x2 MT

PhP 1,480,000

Ranger 2.0L Wildtrak 4x2 AT

PhP 1,540,000

Ranger 2.0L BiTurbo Wildtrak 4x4 AT

PhP 1,728,000

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max: Color Options

2021 Ford Ranger Color Options

Arctic White, Saber (Ranger Wildtrak only), Absolute Black, Aluminum Metallic, Meteor Grey (Except Ranger XLS), True Red (Ranger FX4 MAX and FX4 only), Blue Lightning (Ranger FX4 MAX and XLT only), Sunset Red (Ranger XLT and XLS only)

2021 Ford Ranger FX4 Max: Specs





Ranger FX4 Max

Body Type

Midsize Pickup Truck

Dimensions & Weight









Engine & Transmission


2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel

Fuel Type



10-Speed Automatic


210 @ 3,750 rpm


500 Nm @ 1,750-2,000 rpm



2-Inch monotube FOXTM shocks

absorbers with coil springs


2-Inch monotube FOXTM shocks

absorbers with remote reservoir

and leaf springs


Parking Brake



Ventilated Disc




Fuel Tank



17-inch Alloy




Daytime Running Lamps


Front Fog Lamps



Rain sensing

Power Side Mirros

With (Auto Fold)

Door handles

Dark gray metallic

Side Steps

With (Non Slip)

Rear Sports Bar

With (Matte Black)




Smart Keyless Entry with Push Button Start


Steering Wheel


USB Port


Dual Colour 4.2" Cluster Screens


12V Accessory


Power Windows


Air Conditioning

Dual Zone Automatic

Floor Mat

All-weather (Front and Rear)

Auxiliary Switch Pack


Seat material


with Unique FX4 Max Accent

Seat Adjustment


8-Inch Color Touch Screen

Equipped (w/ Apple CarPlay, Android Auto)

Bluetooth with Phone / Audio Streaming


Sync®3 with Voice-Activated Controls




Emergency Signal System


Seatbelt Reminder


Cruise control


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