5 best vehicles with a monthly payment of under ₱ 10,000

Updated Dec 26, 2022

You probably just pay ₱ 10,000 or less every month for 5 following cars.
Not many customers walk into a car showroom and plan on writing a check or paying cash for their cars, and the salespeople know this. This also gives a reason for why the negotiation almost always resolves around how much you can afford to pay for the vehicle each month.

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It is normal to think of vehicles in terms of what they cost. And traditionally, people talk about the actual price they see on the screen. But for a discerning purchaser, a car’s price or crucially its affordability is defined by how much it will cost them in monthly finance payments.
Before you purchase, knowing how much your monthly payments will be is necessary to find the car that fits your budget.
Here are some best vehicles you can buy for ₱10,000 or less a month. 

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Grey Toyota Wigo angular front view

Toyota Wigo - Monthly ₱ 10,101

White Hyundai Eon angular front view

Hyundai Eon - Monthly ₱ 9,372
Yellow Kia Picanto angular front view

Kia Picanto - Monthly ₱ 10,082

Red Sukizi Celerio angular front view

Suzuki Celerio - Monthly ₱ 10,332

White Sukizi Alto angular front view

Suzuki Alto - Monthly ₱ 8,239

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