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Used Toyota 86 for sale

18 results found

Toyota 86 Coupe 2013

Bulacan, Santa Maria β‚±1,080,000

Manual Verified Contact 26,000 km

2015 Toyota Gt 86 Coupe

Bulacan, Santa Maria β‚±1,120,000

Automatic Verified Contact 20,000 km

2015 Toyota 86 automatic

Laguna, Biñan β‚±1,375,000

Automatic Verified Contact 14,000 km

Toyota 86 2013

Metro Manila, Quezon City β‚±1,250,000

Manual Verified Contact 42,000 km

2013 Toyota 86 for sale in Bacoor Cavite

Cavite, Bacoor β‚±1,090,000

Manual Verified Contact 36,000 km

2018 Toyota 86 690k

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±690,000

Manual Verified Contact 15,000 km

Blue Toyota 86 2013 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Marikina β‚±1,200,000

Manual 50,000 Km

Silver Toyota 86 for sale in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila β‚±800,000

Automatic 20,000 Km

Sell Red Toyota 86 in Makati

Metro Manila, Makati β‚±1,490,000

Automatic 20,000 Km

Orange Toyota 86 for sale in Valenzuela

Metro Manila, Valenzuela β‚±1,180,000

Automatic 40,000 Km

Sell Pearl White Toyota 86 in Bacoor

Cavite, Bacoor β‚±1,090,000

Automatic 40,000 Km

Sell White 2013 Toyota 86 Sedan in Manila

Metro Manila, Manila β‚±1,090,000

Manual 36,000 Km

Toyota 86 2.0 GS (M)

Metro Manila, Pasay β‚±800,000

Automatic Certified Seller 40,000 Km

Grey Toyota 86 for sale in San Pedro

Laguna, San Pedro β‚±1,350,000

Automatic 30,000 Km

Red Toyota 86 for sale in Muntinlupa

Metro Manila, Muntinlupa β‚±1,150,000

Automatic 40,000 Km

Sell RedToyota 86 for sale in Cebu City

Cebu, Cebu City β‚±1,300,000

Automatic 10,000 Km

2013 Toyota GT 86 AT The listing has expired

2013 Toyota GT 86 AT

Metro Manila, Pasig β‚±1,090,000

Automatic Certified Seller 23,000 km

Toyota 86 2013 A/T The listing has expired

Toyota 86 2013 A/T

Cebu, Cebu City β‚±1,050,000

Automanual Verified Contact 25,000 km

    1. Second hand Toyota 86 price on

    Greetings! Welcome to, one of the Philippine’s biggest automotive classified websites.

    Currently, you are on our listings page for used Toyota 86 cars for sale by their owners or used car dealers. To make it more convenient for you, here is a short summary of the lowest prices for all the model years of the Toyota 86 listed on our website:

    • Toyota 86 2018: Price from Php 1,685,000
    • Toyota 86 2016: Price from Php 1,350,000
    • Toyota 86 2015: Price from Php 1,248,000
    • Toyota 86 2014: Price from Php 1,088,000
    • Toyota 86 2013: Price from Php 1,050,000
    • Toyota 86 2012: Price from Php 950,000

    Before going over our huge pre-owned car listings, you might want to have a short read on the reasons why you would want a second hand Toyota 86.

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    2. Second hand Toyota 86 for sale: Why would you want one?

    Before having further discussion, here are the top 4 reasons why we at believe the Toyota 86, either a brand new or second hand unit, is definitely worth your hard-earned money:

    1. Affordability compared to other high-performance coupes;
    2. Offer excellent handling performance;
    3. Economical fuel consumption;
    4. Easy to be modified with high availability of after-market parts.

    >>> Find in-depth Toyota 86 reviews by Philkotse experts

    To begin with, while not a particularly powerful coupe, the Toyota 86 is currently one of the best handling performance vehicles available in both used and brand new car markets today. It also looks very sleek and stylish to boot!

    In comparison to other high-performance coupes, the Toyota 86 is rather inexpensive in comparison especially if you buy a used unit. And for a performance vehicle, it has a fairly economical fuel consumption due to its naturally-aspirated boxer four engine.

    And in speaking about the engine, the boxer four despite its 197 horsepower can actually take the 86 from 0 to 60 in just about 6.7 seconds. But in buying a 2nd hand Toyota 86, going fast in straight lines isn’t the point but rather, its ability to handle corners.

    Being the spiritual successor to the almost mythic AE86 Trueno, the 86 coupe is nimble due to its perfectly tuned suspension, light overall weight, and impressive aerodynamics. For those who want to go sideways, a.k.a drifting, you might also be pleased to know that the Toyota 86 actually has a Torsen limited-slip differential.

    The Toyota 86 was also made with car enthusiasts in mind so regardless of year model, the car can be easily modified. There is also a sizable market for after-market parts for the Toyota 86 available just about anywhere today.

    Take note that Toyota Philippines has made a lot of upgrades for the Toyota 86 like a high flow exhaust and much other stuff like body kits. Note that TRD parts have the advantage of not voiding a Toyota’s warranty so there’s that.

    In order for you to enjoy the full potential of the Toyota 86, recommend the one with the 6-speed manual transmission.

    3. Used Toyota 86 for sale in the Philippines: Model Profile

    Toyota 86: Exterior

    With its sleek and sporty design, the 86 model deserves respect on and off the road. The latest version had undergone a couple of exterior enhancements which resulted to a broader front grille, updated bumpers and taillights, and a brand-new set of fog lights.

    It also comes with a set of 17-in Alloy wheels, definitely making the 86 an as one of the best-looking sports coupes in the Philippines to date.

    Toyota 86: Interior

    Upon checking its interiors, this 4-seater fancy sports car apparently has more to offer. All seats are clad with high-quality soft leather material plus some added features that will ensure your comfort and keep you entertained throughout your ride.

    The 86 model is equipped with a Dual-Zone Automatic A/C with Climate Control, and a 7-inch Touchscreen Head Unit with Tuner, CD-Player, AUX-Jack and USB connectivity. It also has a smartphone mirror link that can be accessed via a WIFI connection, plus an additional 6 Speakers to complete its entertainment system.

    Toyota 86 Safety features

    With regards to its safety and security, the Toyota 86 is equipped with state of the art features that will guarantee the safety of the driver and its occupants. The sports car is equipped with a complete set of airbags, Auto Brake System, Immobilizer, Stability Control Technology, Electronic Door Locks and a Keyless Entry feature.

    Toyota 86: Engine

    Developed jointly with Subaru, the Toyota 86 is a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive fastback coupe that was derived from a series of concept vehicle starting with the Toyota FT-HS and lastly the BRZ Concept STI.

    Toyota 86 is powered by the 2.0 liter 4U GST boxer four which has Toyota’s D-4S injection system and Subaru’s AVCS variable valve timing system. In Toyota designations, the engine is known as the 4U

    Despite being a couple, you’d be surprised to know that the 86 actually have rear passenger seats. While they may be a little tight on the Toyota coupe, there are people out there who actually managed to cram two of their friends in the back for a road trip. For daily use, this is not recommended.

    Toyota 86 for sale Philippines: Variants & Segment rivals

    The Philippine-spec Toyota 86 comes in these variants:

    • Toyota 86 2.0 MT
    • Toyota 86 2.0 AT

    The Toyota 86 goes up against the likes of the Honda Civic and the Mazda MX-5 Miata. Also, the Toyota 86 vs Subura BRZ comparison is also quite popular among car enthusiats.

    4. Used Toyota 86 for sale in the Philippines: Pros & Cons

    So we have talked a lot about why we should get a Toyota 86, even if you are not the first owner of the car. In this part, we will provide a more objective point of view by discussing on both the strengths (again) and weaknesses of this coupe.


     - Affordable compared to other sports cars in the market today
     - Availability of high-quality service at reasonable price


     - Not offer adequate legroom for additional adult passengers in the rea seats
     - Not come with smart driving companion features such the Android Auto or Apple Car Play

    The Toyota 86 is known to be one of the most affordable sports cars in the market today as compared to other luxurious European brands out there. A brand new sports car that sells around β‚±2,000,000 here in the Philippines is already considered to be quite a steal.

    Also owning the Toyota 86 won't give you major headaches when it comes to maintenance services because Toyota is also quite known to offer high-quality service at a very reasonable price.

    However, if you are looking for a family car then this may not be the best vehicle choice in the line-up. The rear seats don't offer adequate legroom for additional adult passengers. Only small kids can comfortably accommodate the rear seats or it can be used as an additional storage unit instead.

    Also if you are looking for the latest smart driving companion features such the Android Auto or Apple Car Play then perhaps this model is not the best option for you.

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    The Toyota 86 an extremely attractive sports coupe
    Toyota 86 interior is still a business-like cabin
    Driving the Toyota 86 with a manual transmission is already great on both road and track