Parallel parking tips: The definitive guide to parallel parking in the Philippines

Nov 13, 2019 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!
Just the words Parallel Parking sends chills down any driver's spine. We at will tell you about parallel parking tips.

One of the scariest things a driver can face (apart from horrible EDSA traffic) is parallel parking. It requires precise maneuvering and skill for you to successful park your car on a side street with other cars behind and in front of you.

I have to tell you that during my first days behind the wheel, the thought of parallel parking absolutely terrified me. That you have to do it quickly to avoid obstructing traffic, while not hitting the curb and the other cars already parked is enough to give you panic attacks.

Parallel parking fail

The goal is to avoid parking like this

It's called 'parallel parking' because you'll need to park along, or parallel to, the sidewalk or curb. What if I told you that as long as you follow a few easy steps, not only will you ease your nervousness when parking in a parallel formation, but you can master this skill and even find it quite easy? 

Many people might concern about parallel parking vs angle parking and how different is angle parking vs parallel parking? It is obvious the difference is by their names. Parallel Parking is different from "angled" parking as with angled parking, like those in malls and such, you have more room to maneuver from front to back, it's really easy! But Parallel parking requires you to be mindful of the car in front and behind you as well as avoiding curb rash on your precious-precious wheels!

It’s all a matter of getting to know your own car, plus a little geometry. My Math teacher did tell me I should listen in class more, and now I know what she meant. So listen up, this parallel parking tutorial is coming in quick!

1. How to parallel park: What to keep in mind?

Before you park on the side of the road, there are several pointers to keep in mind:

  • Drive slowly and maintain a steady yet deliberate pace. A leisurely walking pace is a good rule of thumb.
  • Be aware of the road's grade or incline by the curb. There are some roads that grade out or in depending on the slope of the road, and this affects your advancement.
  • Look twice, thrice, and multiple times again. You might be aware of the road and vehicles, but pedestrians may suddenly appear.
  • DO NOT RUSH. Most people think that they are causing a nuisance to others when parallel parking their car. While this is true in a way, others should understand that you are being as careful as possible when driving.

Now that we've got these considerations down pat, let's proceed to the meat of things by following these parallel park steps.

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2. How to parallel park: 7-step formula

Step 1

First, turn your hazard lights on and approach the spot where you wish to park. Drive slowly right next to it, to make sure the slot is long enough to accommodate the entire length of your car and then the length of a parallel parking space. If you feel like your car won't fit, trust your judgment and don't force the issue.

how to parallel park

Remember to calculate the size of a parallel parking space

Step 2

Pull alongside the car you want to park behind. The closer you are to that car, the easier it will be for you to determine the space you need. Half a foot of space should be enough from your front passenger side door to another car's driver side door.

A good tip is to align your seat with that of the other car for a better visual estimate. Roll your windows down, and if you have automatic side mirrors, point them down so you can better see the curb of the road later. Engage in reverse gear.

parallel parking dimension

Make sure to follow correct parallel parking dimension

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Step 3

Back your car up and determine when the rear wheels of your car are lined up parallel to the rear bumper of the car you'll be parking behind. This way, you'll avoid hitting it when you start easing into your spot.

parallel parking tips

It's called 'parallel parking' because you'll need to park along, or parallel to, the sidewalk or curb

Step 4

Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right, toward the direction of the curb and slowly back the car up until the B-pillar (or the middle of your car) reaches the edge of the rear bumper of the car in front. This is one of the hardest parts of the parallel parking technique.

parallel parking

Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and what's next?

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Step 5

Once you reach that point, straighten the steering wheel and back up a bit more until your side mirrors block your view of the rear of the car. This ensures that your front end clears the car in front of you.

parallel parking

Straighten the steering wheel and back up a bit more until your side mirrors block your view

Step 6

Turn your wheel all the way to the left, then slowly back up.

how to parallel park easy

Then turn your wheel all the way to the left...

Step 7

Remember that you have your left side mirrors pointed down so you can check the parallel parking distance from curb. Before your rear wheels hit the sidewalk, straighten your steering wheel and slowly back up.

parallel parking mirror trick

Remember to use the parallel parking mirror trick to get rid of crashes

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Step 8

Adjust your car accordingly, and you should be all set. Now you've parked like a pro!

parallel parking

How to parallel park properly? This is how!

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