Lost License LTO: A Non-Stressful Way to Get a Replacement License in PH

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We’ll give you a detailed and easy-to-understand guide on how to get a replacement for a loss driver's license 2020.

Driving your own car is one of the most convenient ways to travel from one place to another, especially now that it is becoming too difficult to commute and the fare prices in the Philippines are increasing. Similarly, some people use their skills in driving as one of the ways to gain an extra or full income to feed themselves or their family. But what happens if you lost license LTO?

No matter if you’re a public utility or private vehicle driver, you must have an idea on how to get a duplicate of your driver's license. Philkotse.com shares detailed guide on how to get a replacement for loss driver's license in the Philippines.

Commute Problems

The Hassles of Commuting Is One of the Main Reasons Why People Drive Their Own Car

I. What Are the Hassles of Not Knowing How to Get a Replacement of lost license LTO

As human beings, we have the habit of only learning how to do something when we are faced with a certain situation. To add more, us, Filipinos, seem to have a positive disposition in life, which means that we do not always think of the worst things that could happen in our lives. For some drivers, they would never imagine that they would misplace or lose their license because they always carry it with them.

However, mishaps happen, and knowing the lost drivers license LTO what to do process can save you time and effort.

That is owed to the fact that you would need to prepare certain documents. These documents are necessary since the Land Transportation Office (LTO) needs to verify everything, especially since a driver’s license in the Philippines is considered as an official “document” or identification card.

II. What Are the Requirements for Getting a Replacement for your lost drivers license?

Before you even proceed to your LTO branch, you must have the following documents at hand. Proceeding to the office prepared will make sure that you no longer have to go back and forth to the LTO.

1. Affidavit of Loss Drivers License

More often than not, most of us are confused about the affidavit of loss. Some of us assume that this can be a document that you have written explaining as to how the item was lost, and that's it. Ultimately, the purpose is correct, but this should be documented officially or notarized with the help of a licensed lawyer. That said, you should not worry too much since you would only be paying around 150 to 200 pesos for it.

LTO branch

Make sure you have all necessary documents at hand before proceeding lost LTO license.

Here are the steps on how to get affidavit of loss for driver's license:

  1. With a government ID at hand, such as SSS, TIN, or PhilHealth, proceed to a licensed notary public office.
  2. Request for an affidavit of loss detailing when the driver’s license was lost as well as how it was lost.
  3. Provide all the details, including the exact address indicated on your loss driver’s license.
  4. Wait for the loss driver's license 2020 document to be printed, signed, and notarized.
  5. Pay the necessary fees.

That’s all there is!

2. Valid Identification Cards

Definitely, you would be required to provide a proof of your identity to ensure that you are really the owner of the lost driver’s license. This will also make sure that you are protected from identity theft and being accused of crimes that might be committed by the fraudulent person.

examples of Valid IDs

Know and Bring Valid IDs

3. Driver’s License Application Form

You can download the LTO lost license online application form from the LTO website, print it, and fill out completely and legibly. Nonetheless, this can also be done at LTO.

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III. What Is the Procedure on How to Get a Replacement for a Lost Driver's License in the Philippines?

Now that you have everything on hand, it is time for you to proceed to the nearest LTO Regional Office. Do note that LTO Driver’s License Renewal Centers (DLRC) are not allowed or cannot process your driver’s license replacement, so do not proceed there. Once you're there, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Look for the Customer Service Counter or Public Assistance and Complaints Desk to submit your documents, which are the affidavit of loss and IDs.
  2. The attendant will provide you with a checklist on the procedure as well as a Driver’s License Application Form (if in case you still haven’t downloaded and filled this out).
  3. Get a get a queue number and wait for it to be called.
  4. Once it’s your turn, submit the filled out form and the other documents to the evaluation window, usually Window 2.
  5. Once the application has been checked and authenticated, you may now proceed to the picture - or signature-taking window. Since they already have those on file, your photo and signature will no longer be taken. Rather, you would be given an assessment of fees to pay.
  6. Proceed to the cashier and prepare the amount indicated. While writing this post, the current lost driver license cost/fee is at 472.63 pesos, which covers the replacement, duplicate, certification, clearance, and computer charges.
  7. After which, wait for your name to be called or fall in line and pay the necessary fees when it’s already your turn.
  8. After paying, proceed to the releasing window or counter and present the official receipt. They would either release your new card-type license or give you a temporary license, depending on the current situation.

affidavit of loss driver's license official receipt

The OR Is Required for the License to be Issued

  1. In case the card-type license is not yet available, be attentive to the instructions that would be given to you by the officer in charge. Do note also that the temporary license can be used when you are driving.
  2. Once received, check the information on the license if everything is still correct. Then, imprint your name and affix your signature on the releasing logbook or form.

Lost License LTO in the Philippines: Processing with NO Hassles

As you can see from the above information we have provided, similarly to have your driver's license renewed, the process on and fees for getting a replacement for loss driver's license 2020 is very minimal. That is as long as you have the necessary documents at hand and you know where to proceed.

That said, we also advise that once your driver’s license goes missing, especially if it’s stolen, you must file a police report. That is to make sure that you are protected in case your lost ID would be used for crimes or would be left on crime scenes.

a Philippine police officer

Report Your Lost License for Your Own Protection

That is all you need to know regarding lost license LTO and what you have to do to get a replacement. Read more helpful driving tips at Philkoste.com

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