Driver license renewal in the Philippines: An easy to follow FAQ

Updated Nov 13, 2020

Know the basic steps for renewal of drivers license in the Philippines, every step of the way.

1. Renewal of drivers license in the Philippines: Overview

Everyone who drives knows that, when renewal of drivers license comes up soon, it can be a shot in the arm or a walk in the park! It can be tedious when renewing it but it should be done. If it’s been done before then all good; but it doesn’t change the fact that the process could be better too.

Recently improvements in LTO drivers license renewal have been done, and many have gotten their licenses in a shorter time. Hopefully, this is the case for everyone in the process of renewing a driver’s license. Here are some things to take note, before going out to renew a license:

  • Find a free day to do it, since it might take long or short to process the license. It really depends or find out what days are least busy.
  • Call the Land Transportation Office nearest and check if it’s open. If it’s not then find an alternative LTO or reschedule. Better get it done sooner not later, or pay penalties!
  • Have a medical exam done before the renewal day because it may take time. It saves precious time having it done elsewhere, if too many go there.
  • Last is to bring snacks and pen, with other relevant documents needed to have it done sooner. Get everything set up for braving a day at the LTO renewal centers.

driver's license renewal

Be armed and have all the relevant info when renewing drivers to get it done as fast as possible

How to renew drivers license Philippines

2. What is the driver license renewal fee for non-professional license?

Okay, now everything needed is ready for driver license renewal then next up is how much is needed when there already. It would be a hassle leaving the line to find an ATM, and getting back to find a long line! This FAQ will cover renewing a non-professional license so there wouldn’t be any confusion.

LTO cashier to pay LTO driver license renewal fee

It would be a hassle leaving the line to find an ATM, and getting back to find a long line

#1. This only applies if the non-pro driver’s license will expire on or before the date, indicated on the card! Mark it on the calendar and prioritize it too. Here are the fees that will be paid before the expiry date.

Total fees, includes the driver license renewal fee and the computer fee (pay at cashier):

585.00 license fee + 67.63 computer fee = 652.62 (PHP)

#2. The worst case scenario is paying more for renewing the non-pro driver’s license if its past the date expiry. It’s good sense to avoid these charges, but it can’t be helped sometimes. These charges will reflect expired licenses from a day to one year which is less expensive too.

Should the driver’s license be expired from a year to twenty-four months, it would be more expensive. But, if it’s been expired longer than two years, it will be a different computation. Details of LTO license renewal fee for each case is as follow:

a. One day to twelve-months expired has a seventy-five pesos penalty added:

652.62 + 75.00 = 723.63 (PHP)

b. Twelve-months to twenty-four months expired has one-hundred fifty pesos penalty added:

652.62 + 150.00 = 802.63 (PHP)

c. If the expires license is more than twenty-four months it would have a penalty of two-hundred twenty five pesos, with a one-hundred peso application fee and another sixty seven pesos and sixty three centavos for processing:

652.62 + 225 + 100 + 67.63 = 1,045.26 (PHP)

If you are driving with expired driver license in the Philippines, make sure to check out how much is involved. Or just have more than enough when going to renew your license.

3. Where to process drivers license renewal in the Philippines?

Choosing where to go, when renewing a driver’s license is important because the center chosen could mean fast or slow processing. Most would go for fast processing though, not like a snail-like pace too. Sometimes there will be centers with off-days or busy days, so researching where to go should be important too.

Many would prefer the malls because it’s accessible and in a mall too! But, some would prefer a Land Transportation Office to get renewing done there. Since 2018, thanks to the introduction of online drivers license renewal in the Philippines, drivers can easily schedule their appointment at the nearest LTO branches. 

A good option is to find the least busy days and renew earlier because it can be hectic to be done a day before. Whether renewing a driver’s license in a mall or LTO office, one should go early not late. It would be much faster if you’re the first in line!

A LTO renewal center to process drivers license renewal in the Philippines

Choosing which LTO renewal centers to go when renewing a driver’s license is important

4. How to renew drivers license Philippines at the LTO license renewal centers?

There are several things to remember to lessen the LTO drivers license renewal processing time and waiting too long!

  • Inquire and look for the any LTO signs that have instructions from step A to B, many people go to LTO offices most of the time. It’s best to find the right line and avoid staying long and experience the hassle of a long wait. Look for the right window number and breeze through easily without any difficulty.
  • When in a mall center go the right lines and ask if when in doubt. Have papers and necessary stuff ready when in line.
  • A long wait and whether in a small or LTO office, it can be trying to keep cool because it can’t be helped. Bring a friend for company or much on snacks while waiting. A growling tummy can make anyone grouchy.

step-by-step guide at lto renewal centers

Inquire and look for the any LTO signs that have instructions from step A to B

When in front of the clerk, these steps will need to be done. In succession, of course, to hasten the LTO license renewal process:

  • Check that all necessary documents are at hand and ready to be given to the processing clerks. The old driver’s license, medical certificate and cleared violation tickets and other relevant documents should be complete.
  • Go to where your picture is taken and record an electronic signature, to be printed on the completed license card.
  • Pay all fees and penalties, and relevant collectables to the cashier.
  • Once all the steps are done by renewing a driver’s license, then sit back and chill while waiting for the new non-pro license card and OR.
  • When processing LTO renewal of license, there will be fixers that should be “IGNORED”.

5. Wrap-up: Drivers license renewal Philippines

Hopefully this FAQ by has cleared most questions regarding how to renew drivers license at LTO in the Philippines. This easy to follow, step by step FAQ will be very useful for most applicants. Most of the advice is practical and easy to follow too!

a Filipino driver's license

Hopefully this FAQ has cleared most questions when renewing a driver’s license

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