How to safely drive in big cities

Updated Jan 22, 2018 | Same topic: Survive driving in the Philippines

You have just moved to a new city and continuously have difficulties with its stressful traffic.
Roads are crowded and chaotic. Drivers always ignore stoplights and traffic rules are rarely enforced.

Follow our tips for driving safely in big cities so that you can enjoy the confidence of driving smoothly in the downtown.

Plan your route
Plan your journey on map

Plan your journey to  get to your destination on time. 

Before departing, spend time planning your journey in order to avoid the congestion and get to your destination on time.

Planning your route doesn’t mean you just calculate the shortest route to the destination because sometimes it takes much more time and becomes the longest one. Therefore, you have to update the traffic information regularly to prepare a most reasonable schedule for yourself before going out.

Use navigational aids
Owning a satellite navigation system will increase your safety while driving on the twisting road in a big city. A reliable navigation system always knows exactly your location and the right directions to reach your final destination.

Furthermore, a built-in interface in the navigation system can help you avoid traffic jams and get to your destination easily. 
A satellite navigation system

A satellite navigation system will increase your safety while driving.

Besides, if you want to stop for lunch, dinner or a drink, the sat-nav will help you find a closest one.

Slow down
Slowing down is always the safest driving way particularly in big cities as you can early detect the hidden roads and important road warnings. Reducing the speed also means reducing the risks of fatal accidents and unnecessary collision to yourself and other traffic controllers.
Slow down

Slowing down is always the safest driving way 

An important notice for you is that you should never drink alcohol or use drugs when driving. Since drunkness and drug side effects have bad effects on your control, you will not only put your life at risk but also risk the lives of all those you come across.

Avoid driving at rush hours
Congestion is a common phenomenon in rush hours in many big cities in the world.

Rush hours normally happen twice every weekday (in the morning and in the afternoon-evening) when most people commute. It is certain that it will take you much time to reach your destination if you travel during peak hours.
Peak hours

Peak hours in Metro Manila.

Don't travel during the peak hours if you are not supposed to. Taking the roads that have little congestion to get to your destination punctually even though they may be longer ways.