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Parking in Ortigas Center can be a total chore. To help you survive in this maze, Philkotse will give some tips on how to find cheap parking in Ortigas with respective rates.

Ortigas is in the heart of Pasig, itself already one of the most densely populated cities in Metro Manila. It is also known as the Ortigas Business District, home of many Corporations’ offices, Financial Institutions, Banks, Call Centers, even a major university and schools!

I haven’t even mentioned the multiple malls around the area and with that, you have the formula for terrible traffic congestion in the Philippines, as well as the parking situation. The fact that the Ortigas Center is only 1 square kilometer large makes it even more astonishing that everything within it can actually fit!


Ortigas Center is a mere 1 square kilometer in size

Parking in Ortigas Center can be a total chore but today we’ll be giving you some tips on how to find cheap parking in Ortigas, how much they’re gonna cost you and what times these lots are open, to give you the right tools to face the dragon which is Ortigas center.

The details on the following article will only be up to date as of writing and will be based on the information given according to our research, so PLEASE, if you have any updates or tips to share do not hesitate to leave a comment down below and we’ll gladly update this list! So let’s get started with


Multiple malls dot the tiny Ortigas Center

1. Parking in Ortigas: Parking in Malls

There are various department stores and shopping centers around in and around the vicinity of Ortigas Avenue. You have SM Megamall, The Podium, Estancia Mall, Ayala the 30th and Shangrila Mall. Seemingly new ones pop-up every day! Thankfully these malls have multi-level parking to accommodate patrons. Here are the details of Ortigas Parking Rate 2019

Parking Rates
The Podium
12 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
₱50 for the first three hours, additional ₱15 for every succeeding hour
₱50 flat rate on weekends
The Podium (Open Parking)
12 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
₱70 for the first three hours, additional ₱20 for every succeeding hour
Day Parking: ₱200
Overnight parking: ₱150 
(Entry after 9 pm and exit before 7 am the next day)
Ayala The 30th
30 Meralco Avenue Pasig City
₱50 for the first four hours and ₱50 for every succeeding hour
Estancia Mall Basement
1605 Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila
₱50 for the first four hours, ₱20 for every succeeding hour 
Robinson’s Galleria
Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Metro Manila
₱50 for the first four hours, ₱25 for every succeeding hour


Ortigas Center contains major international organizations, corporations, and!

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2. Paid Parking lots in Ortigas

There are some dedicated parking lots that take advantage of the lack of real estate in Ortigas center. Admittedly, they do charge some exorbitant fees, finding for cheap parking in Ortigas is really difficult but the market does dictate the price and parking is at an absolute premium!

Parking Rates
Pro Parking
Multiple Locations within Ortigas
₱65 for the first two hours, ₱35 for every succeeding hour
Intelli Parking
Multiple Locations within Ortigas
₱65 for the first two hours, ₱35 for every succeeding hour
ADB Parking
Between the Podium and ADB
₱50 first two hours, ₱25 for every succeeding hour

You can ask Pro Parking at their contact number 8584-1177 and they can tell you how they can charge you for monthly parking in Ortigas


You can check out activity centers like Ortigas Home Depot for Parking areas

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3. Parking in Ortigas: Everything Else in Between!

Apart from malls and paid parking lots, here are a few Miscellaneous parking locations for your daily use, especially some free parking lots! These do not fall between malls or lots because they are located within activity centers like El Pueblo and others. We’re sure you can find more of your own so please share us more of your life hacks in Ortigas!

Parking Rates
Meralco Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila in Front of Marco Polo
Free parking for customers only, Validation Strictly required; leaving your car on the premises will hold a hefty fine.
Home Depot
Dona Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila
First 3hrs free then ₱50/hr ₱30 Flat Rate (8 PM to 7 AM)
El Pueblo
Dona Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila
₱50 first three hours, ₱50 for every succeeding hour.. ₱50 flat rate from 7 PM


Ortigas even has a major university within its limits

There are a ton of parking options in Ortigas withing each corporate building. So I would like to remind you to please leave a comment down below so we can help each other out and together we can create some sort of database for Ortigas Parking!

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