Camping out this summer 2019: All tips & tricks for Filipino's drivers

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Feel the rush of nature and enjoy an unforgettable trip this summer 2019 with a complete guide from!

This summer, forget the usual hotel booking and all that fattening buffets when the great outdoor activities await you. Let introduce an unorthodox holiday scheme for those who are planning for an awesome camping trip. Here are the best tips to camp out with your car; which is a bit on the low side but will be an adventure.

For the uninitiated; getting all the kit needed for everyone’s car camping adventure is simple, and everything won’t cost much.

1. Select a suitable car

Cars with 4WD can access more remote areas compared to cars or MPVs without it. This is an important factor; and the bigger the car would be better. More space is important to place all the kit and supplies needed for the campout. If a pickup will be used; it can access more remote areas that will be difficult for cars to reach without 4WD.

camp out tips_suitable car_kia grand

This full-sized minivan is tuned for both city and country roads

2. Plan your trip

2.1. Select the area for car camping

Camping areas that are near towns and gas stations will be convenient when getting some supplies, but the idea of car camping is to get away from the grid too. Some areas can be camped on unless it is a paid area with some amenities like toilets and bathrooms. But some would prefer to rough it up; especially if they can have their truck gone off-road!

Camp out tips_suitable area

The idea of car camping is to get away from the grid

2.2. Determine the duration of the stay 

Now, take note of how long the car camping would be and how many people will come along! Just like everything else, there should be some logistics because no one is staying in an Airbnb or a hotel. Everything should be considered, to have the proper amount of supplies with other vital supplies added. Especially the important stuff that can’t be done without!

3. Food & Drinks: What should I bring?

There are supplies that can’t be missed; especially when the camping area is nearly inaccessible too. All these food supplies should be packed in the vehicle, and it can’t be without.

3.1. Dry goods and canned items 

It’s better to be prepared and have dry goods, with canned items as food options.

Camping out_canned food

Canned food is recommended for those who take a long road trip

3.2. Any kind of perishable food 

Put anything perishable in the cooler; like meat, fish, chicken; as long as it can be cooked at the campsite asap. Have several coolers stocked with ice to preserve the perishable food longer!

3.3. Snacks and junk food

What a camping trip without the junk food and anything that can be munched on at the camp.  Snacks and vital snack food are keen on by everyone; like marshmallows for roasting. But, bring a bag to pick up trash and no littering at the site.

camping out_food_snacks

If you're traveling with kids, you definitely need some snacks

3.4. Water and beer

There should be enough clean water for drinking, bathing, and cleaning the food. Beverages like beer will be good for chilling and bonding amongst friends and family.

Camping out_Beer

Grab a beer, take a relax and enjoy with your friends during your trip

4. Prepare all necessary supplies

If food is important; then there will be some needed hardware and other supplies for the trip. These will serve several purposes too.

4.1. Coleman coolers for food storage

For storing any meat to be barbequed, also these coolers can be used to store ice for colder soda cans when anyone is thirsty.

4.2. Cooking pot, pans, and utensils for prepping and cooking food

Use these to cook the food, and serve as serving plates if needed.

4.3. Portable stove for cooking with extra fuel

This is totally optional, but it makes cooking food faster, but setting up a cooking fire is easy with lighter fluid. Be careful when using it the lighting up fires with it.

Camping out_tips_portable stove

With a portable stove, your cooking will be faster and faster

4.4. Large tarp for coverage from the elements

With some elbow grease; a makeshift tent can be made easily to serve as cover from the heat and rain. There are fancy retractable camping taps, but it costs money to install!

4.5. Make-shift room in the back of a van

Remove some seats in the back of the van to make space and place any mattress that can fit. This becomes a makeshift room to sleep in, without a tent needed.

4.6. Small table

Take along a small table to the campsite to prepare all the food for cooking, use it as a dining table as well.

4.7. Aluminum coffee pot

In addition to all the cups and utensils, have an aluminum coffee pot ready to make the morning coffee. Have this handy for making hot cocoa for those cold campy nights.

What you need to start car camping

4.8. Extra drapes and blankets for chilly nights when car camping

When it gets a bit cold; these drapes could be affixed to the car doors to keep the chill at bay. Use the blankets as extras with sleeping bags to keep warm too.

4.9. Supplies like toilet paper, soap, and medicines for ailments

These are needed when there is no toilet available and when someone gets sick in the camp.

It may not seem that car camping with the best tips to camp out with your car, is that hot. But it is inexpensive and will be closer to home, for those seeking more variety on summer trips. Try it out, and it may turn out to be something for the books!

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