A Commuter’s Guide to LRT 2 Stations in the Philippines

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Don't get lost and get familiarized with the LRT 2 Stations.

If you are a regular commuter in Manila, riding the LRT 2 is obviously a part of your everyday journey to get to your work or school. By now, I am in no surprise if you can recite to me the 11 LRT 2 Stations easily, eyes closed and even while sleeping.

If you want a handy-dandy guide of the LRT 2 Stations, schedules and more, Philkotse.com is right here to help. Let's take a note!

lrt working hours

The LRT 2 is also called "Megatren"

I. LRT 2 Stations Map: The Blue Line

If you will look into the map of the Manila Light Rail Transit Line and Manila Metro Rail Transit System, LRT 2 is the newest and the shortest line among the existing light rails in the Metro. It is branded as the Blue Line that aims to ease the travel from east to west of Metro Manila.

The LRT 2 Stations Map starts at Recto Station and ends in Santolan (which is close to SM Marikina), with stopovers in Gilmore in San Juan and in between stations of Quezon City like Cubao, Anonas and Katipunan.

stations map lrt 2

The LRT 2 stretches from Santolan to Recto

II. LRT 2 Stations List: The Origin and Where to

Though LRT 2 is the first to use the BEEP card, it used to be and remained to be the least packed train station as compared to the others. LRT 2 Station uses wider and more spacious trains, yet a lesser number of the population uses this route as compared to the other two lines. Here is the list of the 11 of the LRT 2 Stations, in order:

1. Recto

We will start from the 1st station that is connected to the LRT 1 (or known as the Green Line) Line via Doroteo Jose (D. Jose) Station. Formerly known as “Calle Azcarraga” and later on adopted the name from the late Claro M. Recto, who was the author of the Philippine Constitution of 1935.

2. Legarda

If you are working around the area of the Malacañan Palace, or a student from the Centro Escolar University or San Beda College in Manila, then you are very familiar with the 2nd station, Legarda. Formerly named as Calle Alix until it adopted its name from the late Hon. Benito Legarda who was then one of the first Philippines’ resident commissioner to the USA.

3. Pureza

If your destination is towards the Sta. Mesa area in Manila, like in Polytechnic University of the Philippines, the Mabini Shrine, the Pureza Station of LRT 2 Line is the right drop-off for you. It is the 3rd station and also the right destination if you want to have connecting rides to Pasig Ferry port or even the PNR - Sta. Mesa Station. During the Spanish era, Pureza (which means “purity”) became a trend to name some areas along the Sampaloc streets.

4. V. Mapa

Named after the second Chief Justice replacing Cayetano Arellano, Victorino Mapa. This Station 4 is a great substitute drop off to students studying at Polytechnic University of the Philippines as it is closest to SM Sta. Mesa and UERMMC.

Inside LRT 2

It's very rare to see the interior of LRT 2 with this much space. It certainly looks comfortable

5. J. Ruiz

The 5th Station, J. Ruiz is named after the Katipunero who was almost forgotten but was actually a part of the 171 men who died in the First Battle of Katipunan in San Juan City. This station is the best stop if you want to visit the Santuario del Santo Cristo and the Pinaglabanan Shrine.

6. Gilmore

Eugene Allan Gilmore was a lawyer who turned professor who, later on, became a governor. He was acknowledged for bringing positive changes to the Philippines’ public health and education system during this short-term public service. Gilmore is the 6th LRT-2 Station meant to have access to commuters working around the Greenhills Shopping Center, and it is also the closest station if you want to go and watch Eat Bulaga! in Broadway Centrum.

7. Betty Go-Belmonte

Named after the wife of the former House Speaker Representative, Sonny Belmonte who was also the founder of The Philippine Inquirer and The Philippine Star newspaper. It is the 7th Station of the LRT-2 Line that is close to the schools of Trinity University of Asia and Kalayaan College and the Cubao Cathedral.

Betty Go-Belmonte station

The 7th Station of the LRT-2 Line is close to the schools of Trinity University of Asia

8. Araneta-Cubao

Elderlies say that long time ago, Cubao was a jungle inhabited by witches that shift their shape to “Kuba” when outsiders barge their territory, hence its name. On the other hand, Araneta was derived from J. Armado Araneta who once envisioned Cubao to be the leading commercial spot in the Philippines.

This 8th Station is the home of the many private bus stations going to rural areas. It is also the closest destination if you want to go to Farmer’s Plaza, Gateway Mall, Ali Mall, and the famous Smart Araneta Coliseum.

9. Anonas

Its name was derived from the Filipino translation of the fruit, custard apple as these grew abundantly in this place in Project 3 in Brgy. Quirino. This 9th Station is closest to St. Joseph Parish, Technological Institute of the Philippines and World Citi Medical Center. This station is the perfect drop-off to go to the places around the Aurora Boulevard and Anonas Avenue.

beep card

The Beep Card - LRT's value card for getting in the train

10. Katipunan

Without a doubt, the 10th Station is named after the revolutionary group, KKK formed by Andres Bonifacio. Through this station, you will be able to go Ateneo de Manila and University of the Philippines – Diliman, if you are arriving from either Manila or Marikina.

11. Santolan

The last station will be Santolan, where santol trees grew abundantly even before the Spanish colonization. This station will get you close to the Riverbank in Marikina and their SM City Marikina.

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III. LRT 2 Stations Operating Hours

The LRT 2 Stations operating time has been adjusted to serve more passengers. Opening time will start at 4:30 am, which is a full 30-minute earlier than the previous 5:00 am opening time. The last train from Santolan bound to Recto Station will leave at 10:00 pm.

On the other hand, the last train from Recto going to Santolan will leave at 10:30 pm. This schedule is running from Mondays to Sundays and may vary during holidays.

The LRT 2 Regular Train Operating Schedule

Weekdays, Weekends and Holidays FIRST Commercial Train Trip LAST Commercial Train Trip
Santolan 4:30 AM 10:00 PM
Recto 4:30 AM 10:30 PM

In an emergency, the LRT 2 Stations schedule may have slight delays during the arrival and departure of the train (which is called, Code Yellow 1) or may be temporarily suspended (or, Code Yellow 2).

If there will be special adjustments in the LRT Stations schedule, the management will address the changes through public announcements systems or advertisements and mass media.


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