9 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Car’s Fuel

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This articles will provide your with handy tips to make your car more fuel effiicient.

1. Why Fuel Efficiency is Particularly Important to Pinoy Motorist

I have this weird hobby, or more appropriately, anxiety when it comes to car fuel consumption. Every single time I enter my car, I always peek through the driver’s side and check if the fuel gauge is already lit up. Always, even if we just had the car filled up earlier. This is because, undeniably, in the Philippines, gas prices are sky high, and given that we are a three-piece family, I have to budget our money and prioritize.

Yes, we can opt for public transportation. I am not at all sensitive to that, as I have been commuting in PUVs for most of my life. However, using PUVs in the Philippines is not always as convenient, much as you would like to use it every day to keep your pockets breathing.

Since we have a car, a very fuel efficient car that runs on a 1.3L engine, why not use it. But still, even if our car is already fuel efficient, I still can’t help but monitor our fuel usage every now and then – like after we gas up, I check how much did the fuel gauge increase and how much it decreases every time we stop.

Highway drive

Your driving styles may contribute to your car's fuel efficiency a great deal

Speaking of which, we had a very stressing experience that the dreaded letter ‘E’ in the fuel gauge lit up while we were traversing a ridiculously long and winding road in the North as we were driving home from Iba, Zambales. This was the first time we drove northbound and vice versa so we really did not have any idea where the nearest gas station was. From what we see while inside the car, the road just seems endless with no signs of life. We’ve already accepted the fact that we might have the car towed or push the car until we reached a gasoline station. Clinging on to the hope that our car wouldn't fail us, we successfully made it back to the civilization after more or less an hour. Sometimes, you just have to let it go and trust that your car won’t let you down.

So much of the story, the bottom line is fuel efficiency. If you have chosen a fuel efficient car, then you are lucky enough not to worry much about fuel consumption. But that also doesn’t give you the right to be at ease all the time – you still have to find out ways on how to make your car extra fuel efficient.

2. How To Make Your Car More Fuel Efficient

Maximizing your car’s fuel consumption also means making most out of the money you spent on the golden gasoline in the Philippines. Being a practical individual, or a practical mom, seeing your money spent well on something is an achievement itself. So, let’s now go into simple ways of making most out of fuel suggested by Philkotse.com team.

2.1. Gas up in the morning when its still cooler

This is pretty scientific. Gasoline, being a liquid in itself, is said to be denser if exposed to cold temperature. Therefore, it is more advisable to gas up in the morning, given that the temperature is cooler. This simply means that you can get more gas if fuel up during colder weather when the gasoline is still dense. As the temperature rises, fuel molecules expand, which can get you a lesser amount of fuel compared to what you can get during cooler times of the day.

Gas station

Gas up when the weather is cooler than usual

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2.2. Ensure that your tires are inflated

If your car tires are properly inflated, your car will not have to endure an increased rolling resistance which can cost you a lot of your golden fuel. Somehow, as a frequent car used, you would feel when your car is draggy. If you don’t have the gut feel, there are many gadgets nowadays that are readily available for anyone to check their tire pressure. When you find out you need to inflate, please drop by to the nearest gasoline station where you can fill your tires to the correct air pressure.

Pump up the tire

Always check your tire pressure and ensure they are properly inflated

2.3. Don’t turn your car into a storage room

Guilty! Yes, sometimes, when we buy something impulsively since they are on sale, we tend to dump them in the car trunk. Then another sale goes by, we, again, buy and dump. Or, you could have placed some of your old stuff in there that you are supposed to giveaway, however you totally forgot about them. Things continued to pile up until you notice your car having a hard time running. You know that you have good tires, but then why is it still draggy? You now check your trunk and realized that it’s almost full of stuff you bought and stored that you have already forgotten. Clear out your trunk of unnecessary dump and trash to lighten the load and not waste your fuel.

Stuffed trunk

Clear out your trunk of unnecessary dump and trash to lighten the load

2.4. Don’t add unnecessary accessories to the car

Yes, your car looks cool with all those added accessories, but these accessories also add weight to the car. Now, you have to know your priorities. Do you want your car to look flashy despite consuming more fuel or do you want a simple but more fuel efficient car?

2.5. Follow the recommended fuel and motor oil

When you buy a car, you will be instructed as to what kind of fuel and oil will be best for your car to run smoothly. Please follow instructions from the car manufacturer and even from the car manual. Surely, before they make any suggestions, they have already tested which fuel and motor oil works best with your car. Trust their knowledge.

Fill up the tank

Follow professional recommendations. They know what's best for your car

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2.6. Change or clean your air filters regularly

Cleaning or changing your air filters regularly will help your car run more efficiently, saving up more gas and saving you money as well since the engine doesn't have to distribute its power to handle this additional work like a stuffy air filter for example.

Cleaning car's parts

You can DIY clean your car's air filter or just wait for your regular car maintenance

2.7. Guarantee your gas cap is securely sealed

We are almost always at ease when we hear the fuel door clink. It just doesn’t end there. Yes, the fuel door may be closed properly, but is the gas cap securely sealed? If we neglect this little thing, leaving the gas cap loose, we will end up consuming more gas because the fuel is exposed to oxygen which forces the engine to burn more gas.

Gas tank lid

Always check gas cap

2.8. Don’t idle

As mentioned before in one of my other articles, idling can cause an increase in gas consumption. If you would like to wait on someone, or you are trapped in traffic, just turn off the engine to avoid losing gas fast.

Turn off engine sign

Don't lose much gas, just turn the engine off

2.9. You are not in a race!

Yes, let’s face it – you are not part of The Fast and The Furious franchise. In the streets of Manila, where it’s too crowded both with vehicles and people, there’s absolutely no need for you to step on that gas and swoosh. You’re just giving away your money and risking the safety of yourself as well as other people.

angular front of a red car

Take it easy on the gas

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