10 simple ways to save fuel without driving less

Updated Aug 28, 2017 | Same topic: Save fuel - Save Earth

Now, you can freely drive around in your gas-guzzler in defiance of fuel price increases.

It is an unfortunate fact that you are can’t control the fuel prices. However, you can reduce your total fuel costs to some extent without driving less. Here are some helpful tips Philkotse wants to share with you.

1. Tune up your vehicle

Keep your car tuned and fix it immediately if it has failed an emissions test. This can save you around 4% in fuel.

2. Remain right tire pressure

check tire pressure

Remain right tire pressure

Keep tires inflated to a correct tire pressure. You can find this spec on a sticker in the driver’s side door or in your owner’s manual. If you do well, your gas mileage can be improved up to 3%.

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3. Replace air filters

Replace dirty or jammed air filters as well as spark plugs. Impressively, this enhances gas mileage by as much as 14%.

old and new air filters

Replace dirty or jammed air filters as well as spark plugs

4. Change the fluid regularly

Some Pinoy drivers don't have a habit of changing oil until their car gets into trouble. Thus, change oil frequently as prescribed by the car expert in order to protect your vehicle and also, save the fuel.

5. Check the gas caps

open gas cap

Check the gas caps

It is essential to examine and replace the gas caps timely if you see an improperly thread or a loose gas cap. The gas vaporizes into the air means that you’re throwing your money away.

6. Control your speed

It will get worse when driving above 96 km/h since the gas mileage will sharply drop.

7. Reduce idling

no idling sign

Reduce idling

Not only does this act help protect the environment, it also helps you save money.

8. Avoid abrupt stop

Apart from lowering the fuel economy by up to 33%, aggressive driving also has effects on many parts of your car such as the transmission, brake and tire attrition. For this reason, avoid stopping your car suddenly. 

9. Don’t haul and load unneeded items

overload unneeded things on a truck

Don’t haul and load unneeded items

Do you know an extra 45 kg in the trunk can slightly lessen fuel economy by 1 to 2%?

10. Don't abuse driving

The last is the best solution. If possible, doing a number of errands in one trip is better than taking several ones for time and fuel savings. In a perfect world, you can walk or cycle. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also good for your physical health.

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