7 characteristics to consider when hiring a private driver

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Are you thinking of hiring a driver? These useful tips will help you find the perfect person.

Driving in Metro Manila can often test your patience and easily tire you out. One of the best ways to end your problem is to hire a personal or family driver that can take you anywhere you want to go any time of the day.

Personally, I love to drive around the city during night time and early mornings because I do not have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or getting involved in minor traffic accidents.

At the end of a long and tiring workday, I would pretty much appreciate settling at the backseat of my car and have someone take over the steering wheel. I could just imagine how lucky am I to experience the opportunity to stretch my tired and aching legs and even have a power nap while my driver takes me to my next destination.

Here in the Philippines, not everyone can afford to hire a driver; however, if you think that having one will be beneficial for you and your family then make sure to choose wisely. Based on my experience it is important to screen your applicants very well because our drivers are responsible for our safety on the road.

Personally, I had my fair share of good and bad experiences from our past drivers. So we at Philkotse.com would like to share some tips and guidelines on finding the right driver either just for you or your family.

personal chauffer

If you are too busy with your work, consider hiring a personal driver

1. Good with directions

If you have your own driver, you do not need to rely on navigation apps such as Google maps or Waze for instructions and shortcuts because your driver should be good in directions unless you are headed to an unfamiliar place or province.

Those who are great with directions are usually former jeepney and taxi drivers. They have acquired a great sense of direction from years of driving in different parts of the country.

Driving with navigation app

Do not rely on navigation apps all the time. Find a driver who knows all the road

2. Trustworthy

Family drivers are not just mere employees they should be treated as part of your family. Part of their job is to take your kids to school every morning and accompany you all afternoon with your errands. In some cases, family drivers also act as messengers carrying documents and cash when necessary.

background check sheet

Do not forget to do a background check as necessary and for your peace of mind

So before getting a driver, it is vital for you to do a thorough background check. You may ask for a couple of character reference or some people who could vouch for his performance. Asking for supporting documents such a police report or NBI clearance is also necessary.

3. Reliable

If you are decided to hire a full-time driver, then it is essential that you can count on him at all time. He has to report to work on time so you and other members of the family can always be on time. You might also consider hiring a stay-in driver to avoid reliability issues in the future.

a Reliable personal driver

Hire a reliable driver who can pick up your kids from school

4. Knows a little bit about cars

You should not expect your driver to be a guru about vehicles. However, he should at least know a few basic stuff like changing flat tires, jump starting the battery and check the tire pressure as well.

You do not want to have a helpless driver who does not have an idea of what to do if something terrible happens to the car. Make sure to ask relevant questions during the interview process and if possible have him perform a demonstration of some of his skills.   

DIY car repair skill

Every personal driver should have at least the necessary know-how on how to troubleshoot a car

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5. Should look presentable

Your family driver is also a reflection of you; that is why it is important that he seems clean and presentable at all times. A clean shirt and a pair of trousers or jeans are good enough. Make sure that your driver does not wear sleeveless Sando shirts, shorts and slippers while on duty. If you are feeling more generous, then you can provide him with presentable clothes and a pair of good driving shoes.

should look personal driver

A clean shirt and a pair of trousers are good enough

6. Should have a good track record

You have to be extra careful when hiring a driver by making sure that he can maintain a pleasant and calm demeanor at all times. You should figure out if your driver has many traffic violations or has been involved in certain traffic altercations.

The last thing that you want to happen is to hire someone who has violent and aggressive tendencies that may result in road rage.

7. Defensive driving skills

When searching for a family driver, it is normal for you to have high expectations regarding how he drives and behaves on the road. Not all drivers have exceptional driving skills but if you are looking for someone who will for you and your family you need to make sure that you are hiring a competent driver.

defensive driving

Hire a person who has excellent defensive driving skills in the Philippines

A defensive driver should have great reflexes and a be a keen observer on the road at all times to ensure that you and your loved ones are always safe.

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