6 types of drivers that every passenger cannot stand on the road

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There is no such thing as a perfect driver. After all, we’re all human beings. But here are the traits that people hate about “unbearable” drivers. Are you one of them? Read this Philkotse.com article to find out more.


Studies show that most drivers have their own pet peeves about annoying and disrespectful passengers. Moreover, most of these people are closely related to the driver (family, close relatives, friends or co-workers).

However just to be fair, there are also passengers who get angry with certain types of drivers because of certain traits and personalities on the road.

Here in the Philippines, most people have their fair share of commuting and carpooling tales, and if you notice that people regularly decline your offer to drive for them then there must be a problem with your driving skills or they find it uncomfortable to be with you inside the car for a period of time.

car drivers types

Studies show that most drivers have their own pet peeves about annoying and disrespectful passengers

Here are some types of drivers that you should avoid brought to you by Philkotse.com.

1. A driver who’s without directions

If you have an appointment to catch or you are already running late for work then taking the cab is one of the best options so you can make it on time. The last thing that you would like to encounter is a driver who does not know how to get to your destination.

To avoid this from happening, better ask the driver first before getting in the car or you can at least guide him by providing directions using Waze or Google Maps (that is if you have data connectivity).

poor sense of direction


Drivers who have a poor sense of direction can make you lose your patience

However, instead of getting angry, it’s better to be the bigger person by helping the driver navigate the road.

2. A sleepy driver

Being with a driver who’s about to fall asleep behind the wheel is one sure way to get into an accident.

Sometimes drivers won’t admit that they are no longer in the right condition to drive because they need to earn more money for their family, while others are honest enough to realize they need to take a quick nap and recharge.

If you encounter sleepy drivers, you can try to keep them awake by talking to them, offering something to eat such as snacks or candy bars to give them extra energy. As soon as you reach your destination, advise your driver to get a quick nap so he can recharge and maintain focus on the road.

falling asleep on the wheels


Falling asleep behind the wheel is a big no-no because it means that you can get into an accident anytime soon

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3. A speeding driver

Some drivers really love to accelerate at top speed in highways and expressways especially when there is no traffic. I guess this behavior is okay as long as they don’t have nervous or elderly passengers with them in the car (and if they follow speed limits). Some people, especially those who have been involved in accidents before, are wary of riding with drivers who are heavy on the accelerator.

If you are not comfortable with this type of driving style, you may gently tell the driver to slow down because you feel dizzy and might end up throwing up inside his car. Most drivers understand this reason rather than telling them straight to the point that you don’t like their driving style.

fast driving


A lot of drivers here in the Philippines love to drive fast

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4. A driver with a bad temper

One of the worst experiences that you may have is being with an impatient and hot-headed driver. They often hurl invectives at other drivers even for just minor issues, suddenly slams on the brakes or bangs on the steering wheel.

If you encounter this kind of driver, just stay away from them because you have a big chance of getting involved in a road rage incident. Temperamental drivers often blame other people except themselves for whatever goes wrong on the road.  

5. A driver that lacks confidence

The driver plays the role as the captain of the ship. Therefore, he or she is expected to take the lead on the road at all times. If the driver is unsure of what he or she  is doing, passengers can also sense the uneasiness behind the wheel. Better ask the driver what is causing the condition, and help your “pilot” feel better.

unconfident car driver


A driver should have the right disposition on the road

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6. A drunk or intoxicated driver

A person who happens to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol can seriously put his passengers' lives in jeopardy. It is best not to let him drive, and have someone else take over.

Meanwhile, if you are taking public transport, then it is better to get out of the vehicle as soon as possible and report the driver to the authorities for being under the influence of liquor. Always remember that intoxicated drivers should not be allowed to handle the steering wheel because they are not in the best position to think clearly and make sound decisions.

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drinking while driving

Always remember that intoxicated drivers should not be allowed to handle the steering wheel

Also, drunk drivers have slower reflexes that can lead to serious road accidents that may cost lives. Drunk driving should never be tolerated by any passenger. A DUI offense here in the Philippines would cost the driver a suspended license, aside from hefty fines. These consequences should be enough for any intoxicated driver to learn his lesson.

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