New Suzuki Swift Sport 2018: Lighter and more potent

Sep 15, 2017 | Same topic: Latest Consumer Reports
The Suzuki Swift 2018 is always fun, affordable, simple, modestly quick subcompact hatch.

Deciding on the best Japanese city hatches and subcompact sedans is no simple task. It just so occurs that Japan has perfected and appreciated the art of small things. If you want to purchase a stand out in the sea of such Japan manufactured warm hatches, the Suzuki Swift 2018 might be definitely worth considering.

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A grey Suzuki Swift 2018 angular front view

New 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport: lighter and more potent 

Last month, Suzuki teased folks with bits about the forthcoming Suzuki Swift 2018. The time has come to completely unveil this small-yet-cool hatchback, which happened at the ongoing 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show. 

First off, the all-new Suzuki Swift is said to be lighter than before, weighting just 970kg, down 80kg from the last Swift Sport.

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport video debut

Powering the outgoing model is the new 'Boosterjet' 1.4-liter turbo engine that churns out 136hp and 229Nm of torque – some 69Nm more powerful than its previous model. Top speed and acceleration have yet to be revealed. But even so, according to sources, the Suzuki Swift 2018 is said to provide greater driving experience both on the straights and through the corners.   

This refreshed model of Suzuki’s hatchbacks of yore is equipped with 17-inch wheels. 

Despite its sportier vibe, the Suzuki Swift 2018 will keep brilliantly approachable balance from the model it replaces. The new safety features are seriously mature. These features are either as standard or extra options, including a driver drowsiness alert, lane departure warning assist, adaptive cruise control, and anti-crash braking.  

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A blue Suzuki Swift 2018 angular front view

The all-new Suzuki Swift is said to be lighter than before, weighting just 970kg

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