These are the world’s best cars for women, according to women

Updated Mar 04, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

The cars were selected by 50 motoring journalists from 38 countries.

The competition in the global automotive industry is as tight as it can be. Last year, Toyota ended Volkswagen’s five-year reign as the best-selling brand in the world as the Japanese automaker sold 9.53 million vehicles. The German brand, on the other hand, finished 2020 with 9.31 million units sold. 

The said competition is one of the factors that drive car manufacturers around the world to continuously develop, improve, and offer the best products for the consumers. Awards and accolades will follow if a car brand did a great job in designing its vehicles, which could potentially help in overall sales.

Speaking of which, the 11th Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) released its latest list of best cars. The cars that were deemed best in each of the nine categories were based on safety, comfort, technology, and value for money. The winners were carefully judged by a group of 50 motoring journalists from 38 countries, and all are women. Of note, the WWCOTY is the only jury in the automotive world composed exclusively of women. 

WWCOTY said that this year’s voting methodology started with choosing the three best models in each category before narrowing those picks down to the individual winners. To filter the selection better, eligible vehicles for the 11th WWCOTY should be launched between January and December 2020. The jury’s votes were certified by the independent auditor Grant Thornton New Zealand.    

Here are the best cars in each category of the 11th WWCOTY: 

Best Urban Car - Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208 front profile shot

Peugeot 208

Best Family Car - Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia front profile shot

Skoda Octavia

Best Luxury Car - Lexus LC500 Cabrio

Lexus LC500 Cabrio rear shot

Lexus LC500 Cabrio

Best Performance Car - Ferrari F8 Spider

Ferrari F8 Spyder front profile shot

Ferrari F8 Spider

Best Urban SUV - Peugeot 2008

Peugeot 2008 front shot

Peugeot 2008

Best Medium SUV - Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender driving shot

Land Rover Defender

Best Large SUV - Kia Sorento

Kia Sorento side profile

Kia Sorento

Best 4x4 & Pickup - Ford F-150

Ford F-150 front shot

Ford F-150

Best EV - Honda e

Honda e front profile shot

Honda e

The jurors will still have one more round of voting to determine the Best Car of the Year from among the nine category winners. WWCOTY said that the result will be announced on March 8, which also happens to be International Women’s Day.

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