What's hot about the Honda CR-V 2018: Diesel engine & Seven seats

Updated Sep 27, 2017 | Same topic: Latest Consumer Reports
This fifth-generation Honda CR-V may be your best choice. Check it out!

According to latest car news, the diesel-powered Honda CR-V 2018 finally arrived in the Philippines from as low as P1,569,000. You would think that this refreshed CR-V would have only one trick up its sleeve. But what if the all-new Honda CR-V gets much better at what it does? The compact crossover has stepped up its game by using a couple of new tricks.

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Diesel-powered vehicle

First up, the CR-V 2018, of course, is equipped with a turbo diesel engine mated to a class-leading 9-speed automatic transmission. The potent yet effective engine gives drivers all-weather capability, making the fifth-generation CR-V a true go-anywhere vehicle.

The all-new Honda CR-V will give diesel SUVs a run for their money

Manually folding third-row seats

Then, the new seats. Apart from having more gears than normal compact SUVs, the all-new Honda CR-V now comes available with a roomy third row. This CR-V could be packed with seating for 7 full-size adults, added practicality and sufficient space for hauling cargo haven’t been forgotten. According to sources, approximately 472L of cargo and stuffs can be stowed in the back with the third-row seats folded, while around 967L can be supplied with the third and second row folded.

The interior is also worth checking out. The cabin gets a premium dashboard, nice faux wood trim, a new electronic gear shifter, and futuristic gauges.

A red Honda CR-V 2018 on the road

The CR-V 2018 is equipped with a turbo diesel engine mated to a class-leading 9-speed automatic transmission

All in all, the Honda CR-V 2018 combines the driving pleasure and sheer handling of a car with durability, spacious space and versatility of an SUV.

With an all-new diesel engine, the roomy third-row, plus a really handsome ride, the CR-V 2018 has smartly distinguished itself from other SUVs in its class.

Let us have a look on what the all-new Honda CR-V has to offer and see for yourself.

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