Volvo XC40’s cabin to be more functional than ever

Updated Mar 23, 2021 | Same topic: Most Updated Car Concept

Say goodbye to in-car clutter with the Volvo’s first-ever compact crossover.

Continuing the preview of its all-new XC40 compact crossover, Volvo has released a teaser video discussing the in-car practicality – one of the main problem for all drivers at all times.

To commerce with, in the XC40, speakers will no longer locate on the car doors. Instead, they will be repositioned to make more rooms for bigger items. Don’t be surprised if we say that the door pockets will be so big that it gives enough space for both your laptop and tablet. Or else, two bottles of water can be stored there.

phone charging

There is also an useable space for the phones which requires wireless charging

Apart from the roomier door pockets, the new Volvo also provides areas for coins, cards, USB ports and charging cables. Particularly, there is also an useable space for the phones which requires wireless charging.

One more practical feature of the cabin is a glove compartment with an additional fold-away hook. It will be useful if you want to hang shopping bags or other luggage. Moreover, underneath the front seats can also find a storage space for a mini tablet or smaller stuff.

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In addition, your credit cards can be easily inseted somewhere into the dashboard and even, you can hold a tissue box in the tunnel console below the central armrest. Needless to talk about the usability when next to the tissue box is a removable bin.

tissue box in XC40

You can hold a tissue box in the tunnel console below the central armrest

If you can’t store all of your shopping bags in the hook at the glove compartment, put them in a fold-up trunk divider where two hooks for those bags and four load hooks already sit there. For precious items, you can hide them in a private locking storage compartment under the load floor.

Not only being Volvo’s first compact crossover, the XC40 is also the first car in the world which is set up with an air-ventilated dashboard-mounted sub-woofer. Thanks to this, you can live your life with music during your trip.

With those handy features, honestly we can’t wait to see the Volvo XC40 to premiere “in the coming weeks.” What about you? Have you prepared enough money to bring it home when it comes to the Philippines?

Let's watch full the teaser video:

2018 Volvo XC40 space and storage teaser

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