[Video] Take a peek at Ferrari F12Berlinetta of a Dubai child

Updated Apr 08, 2021 | Same topic: Highlights of the Week

When I was 15, my biggest asset is just a bike. But everything is far different in Dubai.

It’s hard to imagine that a kid can own a horse from Ferrari. So, type “Money Kicks” in Youtube’s search box and your knowledge will be broadened.

The child we imply is Rashed Belhasa, son of Dubai Construction Tycoon Ahmed Saif Belhasa. In case you’re still uninformed about Belhasa, use Google.

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Rashed was allowed to buy a yellow Ferrari F12Berlinetta at the age of 15. However, that hue is not right up street so the dude decided to refresh his super car by wrapping it in a unique Louis Vuitton livery. Rashed recorded the entire redecoration process and unexpectedly, the video he posted on Youtube now receives more than 2 million views.

Rashed Belhasa and his Ferrari

Rashed Belhasa decided to refresh his super car by wrapping it in a unique Louis Vuitton livery

Unfortunately, Rashed is just 15 years old; thus, it is no doubt he must hire a personal driver. How lucky his future chauffeur is! Another possibility is that he would keep his horse in the garage merely to admire until he’s 17.

Apart from possessing luxury vehicles and exotic vacations, Rashed Belhasa also has chance to meet celebrities from singer, musicians to footballers. Follow his Instagram or Youtube channel for more updates in his extravagant life.

Watch the full clip of Rashed:

My new LV Supreme Ferrari !!!

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