Top 10 car accidents which have never been unraveled (Part II)

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One more ghost story along with famous figures' tragic deaths still need to be decoded.

Being behind the wheel holds hidden threats which may cost the life of any driver in no time. Just a second of neglect can bear the terrifying results and police hate it when they spend their everyday life dissecting the accident scenes which don’t always give them sufficient clues or even no clue at all to track down. Check out Part 2 of Top 10 car accidents which have never been unraveled. Also, make sure to read all the unexplained stories told in our Part I.

5. Scottish Lawyer Willie McRae

Willie McRae used to be a famous figure before his tragic death. The Scottish lawyer was respected with his friendship with Gandhi and partook in drafting Israel’s constitution. Not only famed as one of the most influential lawyers in Glasgow, he was also a senior figure in the National Party and a prominent anti-nuclear campaigner.

Scottish Lawyer Willie McRae

Scottish Lawyer Willie McRae was one of the most famous lawyers of his time

The things started to grow worse with the 80-cigarette smoker on April 4, 1986 when his house kindled. The man unluckily kept his life as his neighbors found out and put it out. McRae later admitted his still lit cigarette started the fire in his sleep.

However, luck wouldn’t be always available for him. The next day, 10 in the morning to be specific, two foreign tourists found him dead with his hands folded in the lawyer’s lap, blood running from his right temple. The scene showed no sign of a foul play; it was first determined to be a car crash.

An X-ray 6 hours later revealed a bullet in his brain; therefore, the police concluded he took his own life. the point is if he killed himself, how could he put away the gun so cleanly that police had had times seeking for it which was located at a far distance. And If that was he who shot himself, how could he fold his hands in the lap all by himself? Let alone there was no fingerprint on the gun!? Some claimed McRae was writing about the British nuclear industry and they doubted his death was intended by an outer force.

4. Christene Skubish

Another ghost story happened on the 11th of June, 1994 when Christene Skubish, 24, was traveling with her 3-year-old son, Nick, along a highway near Sacramento. All a sudden, the car was pulled to one side of the road resulting to a bump into a tree nearby. The crash led to the roof off from the vehicle.

Christene Skubish and her son

Police asserted Christene Skubish died instantly when the tree fell over her after the crash

Not until 5 days afterward, did the authority reach the scene after a couple reported the accident which they described a naked woman was found dead on the ground. The veracity of their story was questioned as the police asserted Skubish died almost immediately in the crash when the tree shortly after the bump fell over her. Some people threw a theory of the naked figure was the ghost of her trying to save the son and in fact, he went through the tragic accident.

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3. General George S. Patton

George S. Patton was a decorated general in the U.s Army’s history. However, he couldn’t adorn his career with more award after a shocking death on the 8 of December, 1945.

The General took his fate when going on a hunt near Speyer, Germany. Patton at the time was taking the rear seat of the 1938 Cadilac along with Major-General Hobart Gay. Being behind the wheel was Private Horace Woodring. When they crossed a railway, a heavy-duty military GMC truck unexpectedly appeared in front of the Cadilac, forcing Woodring to take action. He pushed the brakes and took a left turn. This was not enough to save the life of Patten who slammed into rear door glass, cutting the general’s head open while also breaking his neck.

The other occupants underwent treatment for their minor wounds. On the flip side, Patton was hospitalized and being there for 12 days until his last breath on December 21.

General George S. Patton

George S. Patton was a decorated general in the U.S Army’s history

A theory which claimed the government targeted him in an attempt to erase the risks of his issuing information of the collusion between its allies and the Soviet Unions which cost the lives of many Americans. It was said that Doulas Bazata set up the death of Patten who later confessed the crash was staged and someone was used to shot the General with a low-velocity object to break his neck tricking others into thinking that was a real accident. He added poison also was used and that would secured Patton’s death. Another US Army officer, Stephen Skubik, supported this poison theory.

The fact that no document about the fatal accident was kept, which sparked social outrages for many years.

2. Unidentified victim

On 26 of June, 1995, a terrifying accident cost 2 lives of the occupants in a Volkswagen Vanagon which slammed into a pair of trees near Emporia, Georgia. Police recapped the two due to no seat belts fastened were hurled through the windshield and could not sail through.

The car’s owner was identified as Michael Hager; however, the passenger was never known though the police have released a picture of his facial reconstruction for his acquaintances to recognize. The police said he must have been at the age of between 15- 21. When they inspected the scene they found in his pocket a ticket for a concert of the Grateful Dead, a lighter, and 25 cent.

Picture of  the facial reconstruction of Volkswagen Vanagon accident's victim

Picture of  the facial reconstruction of Volkswagen Vanagon accident's victim

1. Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a hot potato in the 1990s when her marriage with Prince Charles shred some lights of falling apart. Media was running riot at the times featuring battles between her and the Royal Family.

Princess Diana

Portrait of Princess Diana

After the marriage was totally destined for an end in 1996, she continued her love life with some partners, the last one was Dodi Al-Feyed who she started dating in May 1997.

On the night of her accident, she spent dinner with her boyfriend in his private room after the couple found it was a nuisance when closely watched by a paparazzi. Diana and Dodi then decided to go for the fresh air. A Mercedes later came to pick them up; aside from driver Henri Paul, their bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones was in the front seats; the two sit in the back. It took just some minutes from their time of leaving the hotel to hitting head-on to the 13th pillar of the tunnel they’re getting through. Diana was struggling to hold onto her life while a horde of photographers at the scene were blocking the way halting the rescue team from doing their job. She then died in the hospital.

Video: Car Princess Diana died  in  was a 'death trap' | The Truth

The white paint specks on the Mercedes made people believe it was a Fiat Uno that had collided with the car causing the accident but the French authorities have never tracked down signs of it although there were up to 14 cameras in the tunnel.

Some supported the theory of a flash which blinds Paul’s vision, making him swerve into the pillar but if it did, it would cause more accidents at that time as well, didn’t it?

Mercedes Princess Diana died in

The white paint specks on the Mercedes made people believe it was a Fiat Uno that had collided with the car previously

Diana’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, firmly blamed it on an assassination conspiracy. It was turned down by the French police. Their investigation concluded Paul’s blood alcohol exceeds the legal limit by 3 times.

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