5 deadly bus accidents in the Philippines

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Philkotse has listed 5 deadliest bus crashes in our country in the recent years. Sad thing is that all these incidents were caused wholly or partly by human error.
Violations such as overloading of passengers and reckless driving have always been found in almost every bus accident in the Philippines. Are they accidents, or are accidents just waiting to happen?

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Fatal skyway fall before Christmas

The fatal incident happened in December 2013, just a few days before Christmas. At least 18 people were killed after a Don Mariano bus heading to Pacita plunged off the elevated skyway at around 5 o’clock in the morning.
a bus falls off a skyway

Don Mariano has been given a bad reputation of the "deadliest" among bus franchises

According to Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), the driver of the ill-fated bus had exceeded the Skyway’s speed limit. Many drivers of Don Mariano also reported that they had to work 19 hours per day. Other violations were also discovered in Don Mariano operation such as no labor compliance certificate.

The franchise of Don Mariano Bus Transit was cancelled by LTFRB for its violation of terms and conditions of its permit.

The bus operator has been given a bad reputation of the "deadliest" among bus franchises.

Multiple-vehicle collision at midnight

In October 2013, a deadly crash of multiple vehicles occurred when a 10-wheeler truck lost control and hit the rear portion of a Superlines bus on a diversion road at around 1:30 a.m. in Quezon City. The pile-up also involved 5 other vehicles on the opposite lane. It was raining when the collision happened.

Car Crash Flip Over on highway

Bodies with detached limbs were scattered on the road after the collision

The disastrous accident killed at least 20 people, including the truck driver, and injured more than 50 others. According to some witnesses, bodies with detached limbs were scattered on the road after the collision.

Though the truck driver was the one who triggered the accident, the Superlines driver was still arrested for “reckless imprudence resulting in multiple homicide and multiple serious physical injuries”. Engine problem was also reported to be one of the causes leading to the crash.

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BestLink College student tragedy

People looking at a car crash

Survivors recalled smelling burning tire before the accident occurred

Early this year in February, students of BestLink College were on the way to a research field trip when their bus lost its brake and smashed into an electric post in Tanay, Rizal. The fatalities were reported to be at least 15 people while 40 others were injured.

Survivors recalled smelling burning tire before the accident occurred and telling the driver but got no response. The bus driver was declared dead on arrival at the Rizal Provincial Hospital.

The bus operated by Panda Coach Tourist and Transport Inc was already 29 years old while it is required by LTFRB that public utility vehicles that are 15 years old and above need to be phased out.

Bus fell into 100-foot ravine killing over 30 people

At least 33 passengers were killed after a bus carrying 77 people fell off a 100-foot ravine in Barangay Capintalan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija in April 2017.

People rescuing a bus crash in a ravine

Perhaps this is the most fatal bus accident in the last 5 years in our country

The place where the crash happened has been tagged as an accident-prone area. However, it still continues being reported for not having concrete barriers and warning signs.

As per LTFRB, the LeoMarick Trans bus bound for Candon City was discovered with violations including “being out of lane, overcapacity, 15-hour trip and no alternate driver for a 224-kilometer”.

Bus crash killing at least 14 passengers including a comedian in Talubin

A bus flip over in a ravine

The accident was due to “mechanical failure and human error”

In February 2014, at least 14 passengers were killed when a Bontoc-bound bus fell 150 meters down a ravine. Comedian Tado whose real name is Arvin Jimenez was among the casualties.

According to police investigation, the accident was due to “mechanical failure and human error”. Driver of the GV Florida bus was detained for reckless driving. He was soon released after posting a P50,000 bail set by the Bontoc Municipal Trial Court.

GV Florida operation was suspended after 28 of its buses failed the LTFRB inspection. However, the six-month suspension was soon lifted later as the Court of Appeals backed the bus operator's petition.
Bus accidents facts and figures

Bus accidents facts and figures in the Philippines

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