Porsche’s Roads app helps you locate scenic driving routes 

Updated Feb 23, 2023 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

It’s not about speed as much as taking in the sights along the way.  

Sometimes, drives are not about the thrill as much as they are about the tranquility of simply enjoying a leisurely journey. Porsche makes it happen with an overhaul of its Roads mobile app.

Porsche Roads app 1

Porsche has enhanced its Roads app for more leisurely driving

“The centerpiece of the new Roads app is the generator for scenic routes. It allows driving fans to find their own individual dream route with just a few clicks,” said Porsche AG Chief Marketing Officer Robert Ader. 
Drivers of all automotive brands can download the app for free on their iOS devices via the Apple Store as it works with Apple CarPlay. Upon setting up an account, they can select between Balanced, Speedy, and Curvy driving profiles. 

Based on their choices, the app’s artificial intelligence uses built-in navigation to plot the most suitable route toward a given destination in advance. This also considers other parameters such as the number of curves, landscape features, topography, and points of interest.  

Porsche Roads app 2

An online community of users can give feedback for a route that the driver has created 

Users can plan simple A to B routes or drive along a full loop based on a location pin, and the search criteria can be further customized by travel time or direction. The generator can devise a route around specific sights that the driver wants to see along the way. Otherwise, it will present weekly routes and interesting destinations accompanied by detailed descriptions and images. 

Even better, drivers can create their own routes and share those with an online community of users who can provide feedback by ‘Liking’ and leaving comments. Note that the app’s algorithm does not prioritize the fastest route, so those running late will have to look elsewhere. 

Porsche Roads app 3

The app also regularly features routes of the week 

More than just being confined to a particular device, Porsche Roads can be transferred to the infotainment screens of head units that support Apple CarPlay. Porsche claims that Roads now has over 180,000 users since the app's launch in 2019. The brand likewise continues to improve the app's algorithm to ensure driving pleasure, even if you’re not behind the wheel of one of its models. 

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