Philippine National Police presents their new Montero-based MPPV

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The Montero-based MPPV was handled at the hands of A-toy Customs 4x4.

The Philippine Highway Patrol Group of Philippine National Police (PNP-HPG) just welcomes a new MPPV (Multi-Purpose Patrol Vehicle) to better enforce the law on the road. The vehicle was shown at the Philippine National Police Headquarters on occasion of the Highway Patrol Group’s 63rd Founding Anniversary. The PNP-HPG MPPV is a model based on the Mitsubishi Montero Sport and also the one among many other units the Japanese government donated to the PNP.

Angular front of the MPPV vehicle

The Philippine Highway Patrol Group just welcomes a new MPPV

To meet the demands of the HPG for improved capabilities in searching and rescuing missions, the MPPV vehicle was handled at the hands of A-toy Customs 4x4.

The modifications are many which consist of step boards, a steel bumper, all-terrain tires, new wheels, a snorkel in case of flooding condition, and a lift kit for higher ground clearance. The steel bumper is supposed to be used in pursuit intervention technique maneuvers. Some other modifications include a CCTV camera on the roof, a winch used for recovery operations, and powerful foglights to improve safety.

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front of the MPPV vehicle

The MPPV was handled at the hands of A-toy Customs 4x4

Features come in for the interior are also a bunch including a suspect restraint system, collapsible traffic cones, a fire extinguisher, ballistic vests, a long firearm rack, a multi-purpose compartment located in the trunk, radio communications, and a specialized laptop. In the car, there’s even enough space for a ladder as well.

Angular rear of the MPPV vehicle

In the car, there’s even enough space for a ladder as well

That’s all about the new PNP-HPG MPPV that will join the Philippine National Police; however, there will be a total number of 4 vehicles when three more of their Mitsubishi Montero Sport vehicles get redesigned according to MPPV standards.

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Mitsubishi Montero Sport

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