Nissan to reduce diesel engines in European market

Updated Nov 26, 2020 | Same topic: Latest Consumer Reports

Nissan announced that it would gradually erase the diesel engine in the European market, expected to finish in the mid 2020s.

Since the emissions scandal happing in late 2015, a number of carmakers suspect the long-term viability of diesel powertrains. While some companies are still patient with this type of engine, some are slowly get their feet out of the game. The newest auto manufacturer to choose the later is Nissan as the company announced that it would gradually erase the diesel engines in the European market.

However, the company informed that it will not put an end to the diesel’s life in a short term. Additionally, it will offer some discontinuation of diesel models like the NV Series and Navara.

Nissan Navara angular front

 Nissan announced that it will gradually erase the diesel engines in the European market

Meanwhile, the Japanese car manufacturer will enhance the production of electric or hybrid power for the passenger vehicle lineup. Still, there hasn’t been any official confirmation about the time for the phaseout of diesel from Nissan but it is predicted to be finished in the mid-2020s. This can be understood that the next-gen Nissan passenger vehicles might be armed with full electric, hybrid assist or gas, at least in the European market.

A Nissan car on the road

The next-gen Nissan passenger vehicles might be armed with full electric, hybrid assist or gas, at least in the European market

Another reason might explain why Nissan made a decision to reduce its diesel engines in the European is the tightening regulations for emission. By 2021, Europe targets to reduce its average fleet emissions to 95g/km. Currently, the average is about 118.5g/km.

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