Diesel car sales dropping down across Europe

Updated Oct 04, 2017 | Same topic: Latest Consumer Reports

In some key European markets, diesel vehicle sales have been continuously declining year to year.

According to latest car news, in some major European markets, total sales of new diesel vehicles have been falling remarkably from just over 50% to around 46% during the first 6 months of 2017. While it is undeniable that the Volkswagen's Dieselgate scandal in 2015 has triggered this downward trend, we all know there must be more reasons for this continuing decline.

Look through our article to see in detail what has been wrong with diesel car sales in the UK and 3 EU member nations including Italy, Germany and France.

Volkswagen's diesel scandal, explained

1. Italy

Italy is the sole country in the list that has diesel car sales share of more than 50%. In August, the proportion of new diesel vehicles constituted up to 56.7% of Italy’s total new car sales. However, it is noticeable that at that same time last year, the number was also 56.8. Big cities like Turin and Milan have implemented measures to prevent using diesel cars, yet an official ban has never been discussed.

2. Germany

Even though reaching the peak of 48.1% in 2012, diesel market share in Germany has decreased by 0.5% in every following year. As of March 2017, diesel shares went down to 40% as an effect of a national debate over whether to ban diesel vehicles in big cities. In August, this number continued to fall to 38%, following the Diesel Summit organized in Berlin where the discussion of Euro 5 diesels took place with the participation of senior car executives and cabinet ministers.

diesel car exhaust pipe

Even though reaching the peak of 48.1% in 2012, diesel market share in Germany has decreased by 0.5% in every following year

3. United Kingdom

The government's recent announcement of completely eliminating internal combustion engines in the kingdom by 2040 has led to the continuous decrease in the total sales of diesel vehicles. In detail, diesel market share reduced to 21%, meaning a 6.4% decline compared to that in July. Meanwhile, electric and hybrid car sales climbed 33%, making 4.4% of total market share.

4. France

It is the first time this century that France's diesel car sales dropped down to under 50%. Possible reasons for this trend include the increasing number of electric cars, cleaner gasoline engines, tightened rules on pollution and higher diesel taxes. According to a recent statement of Ms. Anne Hidalgo, Paris Mayor, she also has the intention to prohibit the use of diesel cars in the capital city of France by 2025.

Diesel cars cause air pollution

Tightening rules on pollution is one of the main reasons that lead to the decrease of diesel sales

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