Nissan looking to develop performance-oriented Nismo EVs

Updated May 06, 2022 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

The company is joining the ‘sports EV’ market.

With a clear vision for electrification, Nissan has set plans and programs to transform its range into an all-electric lineup. Now, it seems like the Japanese marque will be including its performance division, Nismo, in its more sustainable future which will be badged to its future EV models.

Nissan LEAF Nismo RC front view

Nissan LEAF Nismo RC

In a report by Top Gear, Nissan Europe Chairman Guillaume Cartier confirmed that the company will develop performance-oriented Nismo EVs, saying that “Nismo is an asset that we have.” It would be a fitting development program as automakers are starting to expand the ‘fast EV’ market with sportier versions of their models such as the Volkswagen ID4 GTX.

No Nismo models have been disclosed by Nissan just yet. But the company announced last year that it will introduce 15 new EVs by 2030 under the Nissan Ambition 2030 plan. With the confirmation of Nismo EVs in the future, we can expect that some of the 15 electrified models will feature the brand’s performance division.

Nissan LEAF Nismo RC interior view

Track-ready EV

Nissan did debut an electrified Nismo model with the LEAF Nismo RC (Racing Competition) back in 2018. It is equipped with two motors and an all-wheel-drive (AWD) system, delivering 326 horsepower and 640 Nm of torque. This gives a glimpse of what one can expect with performance-oriented Nismo EVs.

So far, Nissan ceased the development of internal combustion engines (ICEs) in favor of EVs. It is one of the huge steps the company had taken toward a future of an all-electric lineup. By 2023, Nissan Europe will only launch electrified models, paving the way to a sustainable future.

Nissan LEAF Nismo RC rear view

More Nismo EVs are bound to arrive

Nismo fans can look forward to upgrades such as a specific suspension setup and powertrain, as explained by Cartier. The brand’s performance division will live to see another day with a resume of serving renowned Nissan models such as the GT-R and 370Z.

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