Nissan Terra 2019 adjustment and the price updates

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News about a few alterations that Nissan wanted to do on their Philippine Terra 2019. Keep your heads up and buy your own Terra right now!

News has spread out about a few alterations that Nissan wanted to do on their Philippine Terra model for 2019. If you’re curious enough for the alterations, you may be intrigued because the manufacturer’s plan is to develop only the interior and not exactly the whole vehicle.

If you’re up for the change, you can always head over to the official manufacturer’s website, but if you’re not up to the challenge of searching through their site, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the interior changes to the 2019 Nissan Terra.

1. The grille

Unlike its predecessor, this new update from Nissan will give the Terra a V-motion grille that comes with black inserts. If you liked the old sophisticated style, you’ll love this update even more.

Nissan Terra

This new update from Nissan will give the Terra a V-motion grille that comes with black inserts

2. The lighting

If you’ve encountered a Nissan Terra before, you may have noticed the unflattering lighting that was forced upon those that want the Nissan Terra experience. Good news is that, with this new interior facelift, there will be floor ambient lighting in all grades of this model.

Nissan Terra front view

With this new interior facelift, there will be floor ambient lighting in all grades of this model

3, The rear-entertainment system

The rear-entertainment system used to be available on all grades. However, due to the manufacturer’s discretion, it looks like the flip-down entertainment system will only be available for the 4x4 VL and 4x2 VL grades.

4. The touchscreen display

The 7-inch screen touch-capable infotainment system has also grown an inch larger. This applies to the VL grades. Meanwhile, the Touchscreen Display Audio System loses its video playback capability and is replaced with an offline GPS function.

The video playback capability can be accessed via the flip-down entertainment system at the rear using the newly-added HDMI input.

The VE grade also gets a screen stretch and was also upgraded with the same 8-inch Touchscreen Display. The same remains, however, for the EL variants with the 6.75-inch screen.

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5. The push-button capability

Before the major indoor alterations, the VL variants were the only ones with an Intelligent Key push-button start and stop capability. Now, even the VE grades are push-starting capable.

If you’re concerned as to the performance parts as well as exterior details, is pretty sure these elements remain the same. From the body dimensions to the rear-drum brakes - everything looks unchanged until you look inside.

Nissan Terra rear view

The performance and exterior details are the same

Even with such light touches and alterations, there were still minor adjustments when it came to the pricing range. Here are current prices for the different variants of the Nissan Terra after they were refreshed.

Price after adjustment
Nissan Terra 2.5 EL 4x2 6 M/T
Nissan Terra 2.5 EL 4x2 7 A/T
Nissan Terra 2.5 VE 4x2 7 A/T
Php 1,727,000
Nissan Terra 2.5 VL 4x2 7 A/T
Php 1,929,000
Nissan Terra 2.5 VL 4x2 7 A/T
Php 2,186,000

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Know more about Nissan Terra 2024

Nissan Terra

The Nissan Terra is a midsize, seven-seater SUV. In the Philippines, this model has a total of six variants, the Terra EL, VE, VL 4x2, and VL 4x4, Sport 4x2, and the Sport 4x4. Currently, Nissan Terra 2023 Philippines price ranges from Php 1,709,000 to Php 2,459,000. 

The Philippine-spec Terra exclusively uses a 2.5-liter inline-4 turbodiesel engine for all of its trims. At maximum, this engine can churn out 187 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. Only the VL and Sport has a 4x4 version, while the rest are rear-wheel-drive. In turn, only the entry-level Terra EL can come with a six-speed manual gearbox. The rest of the Terran trims then utilizes a seven-speed automatic transmission. 

Size-wise, the Nissan Terra has a length of 4,900mm, a width of 1,865mm, and a height of 1,865mm. It also has a wheelbase length of 2,850mm, as well as a ground clearance of 225mm. 

Locally, the 2023 Nissan Terra competes against the likes of the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, Isuzu mu-X, Ford Everest, Maxus D90 among others. 

₱ 1,709,000 - ₱ 2,459,000

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