It's highly recommended to buy a Nissan car in the Philippines & we will tell you why!

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Most value for the cost, good line-up of models for the money and what else?

Is the car getting to be a bit old and buying a new car, buy a Nissan car for a no regret purchase!

Why should it be a Nissan instead of other brands to choose from?

Car buyers especially Filipinos are terribly brand conscious and brand loyal to the teeth. If a good line up is needed to convince anyone, then just look at what Nissan offers.

nissan cars

Buy a Nissan for the most value for the cost compared to other brands

Their current options range from compact to super sports cars that differ in price range. These options are in the range of affordable and some in the expensive range. But they deliver good performance versus the cost.

All though Nissan does not do the eye candy thing as much as other car-makers, which translates to all form but no concrete performance numbers. Here is what can be expected from their current line-up.

Nissan cars in the Philippines
Model  Class SRP*
Nissan Almera Compact P657,000
Nissan SylphyS Slightly bigger compact P908,000
Nissan  Juke Compact cross-over P1,021,000
Nissan Altima Mid-sized sedan P1,858,000
Nissan Patrol Royale Large SUV P3,749,990
Nissan Navara Mid-sized pick-up P917,000
Nissan Urvan Full-sized van P1,158,000
Nissan GT-R Mid-sized sports car TBA
Nissan X-Trail Mid-sized SUV P1,534,000
Nissan Terra Mid-sized SUV P1,499,000

*Please check Nissan Philippines price list for latest updates.

These cars range from affordable compacts to uber expensive options like the legendary GT-R and the Patrol SUV. All these vehicles are backed up by excellent Nissan quality that tends to be overlooked. They offer price points that are commensurate with the features that are equipped.

1. Nissan safety shield tech brings safety to whole new level!

Every vehicle that is bought from Nissan has safety protocols that are an important consideration. Riding on the wave of new auto tech which improves the safety net much further. Every Nissan car integrates safety and protective tech for the well-being of its customers. Here are the three levels of safety that every Nissan endorses.

Take on the unexpected-Nissan Safety Shield Technology

1.1. Monitor

Accidents only happen if it can’t be detected by safety features and preventive devices that negate it from happening. These driving aids include Predictive Forward Collision and Blind Spot Warning, and other features that ensure your safe driving.

Notable advancements are Around View Monitor, Tire Pressure Monitor, with Smart Auto headlights that activate when needed. This level is the first step in keeping the vehicle and driver intact while on the road. These passive safety devices are the first line of defense in car safety.

nissan safety shield

Every Nissan car integrates safety and protective tech for the well-being of its customers

1.2. Respond

The next level of the safety net that responds actively once the active safety features are triggered!

If the vehicle acts abruptly; that causes the Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake Assist, Vehicle Dynamic Control, and the Traction Control system to work in concert to keep the car in a straight line. Suppose the car loses traction due to hydro-planning and instability which is compensated by these devices act to stabilize the car.

1.3. Protect

Completing this trifecta of safety nets is protect that are active safety devices that are triggered to protect the passengers inside. These include the Nissan Advanced Airbag System, extra airbags and the child anchors and tethers that secure children to the seat. Nissan engages all level of auto protection and safety that ensures a thoroughly safe car to drive.

If you think of buying a new car, get a Nissan for a no-regret buy. Cars are only as good as their safety levels and getting any less is suicide.

Nissan cars: Safety Features
 Nissan models ABS EBD BA VDC TC Isofix Airbags
Almera Yes Yes Yes No No  Yes Yes
Sylphy Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Juke Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Altima Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Patrol Royale Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Navara Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Urvan Yes Yes Yes No No No No
GT-R Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
X-Trail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Terra Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The safety comparison table shows that every Nissan car has the proprietary “Safety Shield” philosophy in place. It may be arguable that other brands have the same idea just like Nissan. Some of their competitors publish about crumple zones, but Nissan cars come with crumple zones and protective beams in the doors.

Another advantage of Nissan is that backing sensors are standard, unlike others that are optional.

nissan models

From the Almera down to the Terra it truly shows how safe even the most affordable Nissan is

Usually, other options will omit the brake assist with the electronic braking distribution in their compact class. As the models get to the premium ones that really rock it more in safety features than other brands. From the Almera down to the Terra it truly shows how safe even the most affordable Nissan is. So, buy a Nissan for a no-regret purchase!

2. Nissan cars for the best performance specifications

Cars made by Nissan aren’t just all about safety features but loads of performance specs that will make the competitors cry too. Nissan has good numbers when it comes to horsepower and torque that is almost second to none. Consider buying a Nissan car when it comes to performance specs.

Case in point is that its closest competitor in the compact class really comes short in over-all displacement. Just for this comparison which will focus on three aspects that enable the car to accelerate faster.

Nissan cars: Performance specs
Nissan models  Horsepower (PS) Torque (Nm) Displacemment (cc)
Almera 1,498 79 106
Sylphy 1,598 116 154
Juke 1,598 115 154
Altima 2,488 180 243
Patrol Royale 5,552 400 560
Navara 2,488 163 403
NV350  2,488 139 356
GT-R 3,800 570 637
 X-Trail 2,488 171 233
Terra 2,500 187 450

Looking at the comparison table; there are good numbers for displacement, horsepower, and torque on all models. The displacement of the Patrol; is more than the Expedition or the Land Cruiser that is in the large SUV class. Look at the GT-R with 570 Ps and 637 Nm; it jackrabbits very fast with good acceleration. Altima is the executive mid-sized sedan; with a good showing of 2488 cc. with 115 Ps and 243 Nm.

One advantage of the Almera is the bigger displacement compared to some brands, with only 1.3 L for a costlier price. The combo of performance and safety makes a Nissan one up, despite having a small model line-up.

Here are some comparison reviews by Philkotse auto experts between Nissan models and their same-segment competitors:

3. Nissan has the best AC ever!

If other ACs in other brands have some issues, then consider the AC of a Nissan as icing on the cake. For example, the Almera has a rear vent for the passengers in the back. Its nearest competitor lacks this option, and this is standard not an add-on. Most peeps would complain about the AC of their car, but Nissan owners will just be “chilling” not sweating.

As the model line get more premium, then expect the aircon to get better! No kidding but Nissan cars should be the number one choice when buying a new car.

4. Why was the interior options not included?

Brands like Nissan; with a balanced emphasis on safety and performance will not omit the cabin that completes the package. All the ergonomics and features that make it very comfortable for driver and passengers are added. If touchscreens are eye candy for other brands; not here because it is integrated into how the car works functionally.

nissan cars

All the ergonomics and features that make Nissan cars very comfortable for driver and passengers are added

5. Wrap-up: Why buying a Nissan for a no regret buy?

Why should buying a Nissan be a priority? Their “safety shield” concept ties in safety, performance, and vital aspects of what a passenger car should be. Yes, the design is important and the comfort features but it must tie into a safe car, not a good-looking car! Prices can be a bit steep compared to other more affordable makes, but it has all the best features.

For the discriminating car buyer that wants the best, only a Nissan will do.

Not convincing enough? Get to our Nissan car reviews to find in-depth analysis of Nissan models. New articles will be regularly updated so don't forget to bookmark our page and visit everyday for everything and anything related to cars.

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