Is the Nissan LEAF’s range enough for your daily commute?

Updated May 11, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Nissan’s electric vehicle has a total of 311 km range.

Nissan Philippines has now added the LEAF electric vehicle (EV) to its model lineup with a price of Php 2,798,000. One of the innovative features the Japanese electric vehicle (EV) offers is its 311 km range through its 40 kWh battery. With its debut, the question now among Filipino car buyers is that if the Nissan LEAF can be the next daily car.

Nissan LEAF front view

Nissan LEAF EV

To answer that question, let’s first know the average distance every Filipino car owner drives. According to Numbeo, the average commute distance in the cities of Quezon City (21 km), Manila (14 km), Makati (9 km), and Valenzuela (10 km) is 13.5 km when using a car. This means that in five days of working in a week, the distance covered by car owners in the said area is around 67.5 km.

With that number in mind, the Nissan LEAF can be theoretically used for daily commute in almost a month without the need for charging. Take note that daily traffic conditions and different driving habits will still need to be considered. However, the LEAF’s 311 km max range could be enough for daily drives, provided that you charge it regularly when you get home. This is just to ensure that your LEAF has sufficient battery to get you through the day, which is similar to how you normally charge your smartphone.

Charging a Nissan LEAF

Owning an EV has its pros and cons

The only downside is that charging the LEAF will take a long time before reaching full charge. With the use of a standard 220-volt electric outlet, the charging time should take around 18.5 hours, almost a day without using the EV. But with the use of an optional Wall Box Charger, the estimated charging time is 7.5 hours only.

Overall, the range of the Nissan LEAF should be enough for your daily commute. Additionally, you can save more as Nissan Philippines shared that the charging cost of its new EV is Php 1.17 per kilometer, Php 0.91 cheaper per kilometer as compared to a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE). Nissan PH also shared that the LEAF’s full charge will cost you around Php 370. If you decide to own the EV, you just might want to build a habit of charging ahead of time before your long trips.

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Know more about Nissan LEAF 2021

Nissan LEAF

<p>The Nissan LEAF is an electric-powered five-door hatchback fitted with a wide array of advanced features for modern-day driving. It is one of the best-selling electric vehicles globally, featuring a 311 km maximum range. It features a sporty exterior detailed with the latest innovations. Inside, it is equipped with a wide array of comfort and convenience features. Nissan Philippines is offering the LEAF at Php 2,798,000. Available colors for the 2021 Nissan LEAF with the two-tone blacked-out roof include Pearl White, Vivid Blue, Gun Metallic, and Magnetic Red.</p>

From ₱2,798,000

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