Next-gen Toyota Land Cruiser to come with V6 engines only: Report

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The new engines pack more power in a smaller size.

The Land Cruiser has always been Toyota’s flagship off-roader, with a big, burly V8 under the hood among its prized assets. As the next iteration of its longest-running series is expected to break cover by June this year at the latest, the carmaker is rumored to scale down the SUV’s standard power plant.

Land Cruiser V8 gasoline engine

Toyota could be saying goodbye to the V8 for the Land Cruiser range 

According to a report from, the wheels on the upcoming Land Cruiser could be spun this time by a 3.5-liter gasoline V6 rated at 409 hp and 650 Nm of torque. It’s a marked departure from the 5.7-liter V8 currently offered in the U.S. market, with the new engine making 28 additional hp and 107 more Nm despite the smaller displacement.

Next-gen Land Cruiser render

The next-generation Land Cruiser could resemble this render [Image:]

For fans of the oil burner, the present 4.5-liter diesel twin-turbo V8 is also expected to give way to a downsized 3.3-liter V6 version. The change brings a performance boost of 302 hp and 700 Nm of torque, up from 268 hp and 650 Nm of twist on the outgoing engine. As of this writing, Philippine-spec Land Cruisers run on a detuned version of the current diesel engine, packing 232 hp and 615 Nm of torque.  

The gasoline V6 option has traditionally been the runt of the Land Cruiser litter, reserved for the base variants of the full-size SUV as well as the Land Cruiser Prado midsize off-roader and the FJ Cruiser. Now that the V8 engines are about to pack their bags, the smaller power plants are seen to provide more grunt along with improved fuel efficiency.   

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Philippine Lad Cruiser

Philippine-spec Land Cruisers use a detuned version of the diesel V8 found in the overseas release

However, there’s hope for a second life as far as the V8 is concerned. A patent filing dated September 2020 indicates at least two types (single- and twin-turbo) of the motor for use in Toyota’s luxury unit Lexus, with the LC-F rumored to get it in 2022.  

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Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been around from time immemorial. In fact, it is currently the longest-running car on Toyota Motor Philippines production. Its heritage and lineage started way back the '50s. Time has already tested the reputation of the Toyota Land Cruiser. It came from a total off-road car and evolved into one of the market's most luxurious SUVs. The all-new 4x4 SUV offering from Toyota is very capable of boasting benchmark-setting statistics in function and form. The Toyota Land Cruiser now comes with advanced features, including Traction Control (A-TRC), Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Hill-Climb Assist, CRAWL Control, and Multi-Terrain Select. Powering the Toyota Land Cruiser is an enormous 4.5L Direct Injection Twin Turbo-Intercooler V8 Diesel mill that pumps out 232 horsepower and 615 Newton-meter of torque as its maximum output. It can pull the vehicle up and over the roughest and most undulating terrains in the country. This 4x4 SUV is worth every penny because of its proven dependability and reliability. The Toyota Land Cruiser is the perfect vehicle for family or for drivers who are up for an adventure. It is available in two variants – Standard and Premium. The Premium variants get extra features that provide an advantage both on and off-road.

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