LTO’s Motor Vehicle Inspection System: Everything you need to know

Updated Jan 14, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

The emission only registration will be discontinued.

Renewing motor vehicles in the country through the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is relatively uncomplicated considering it only requires motorists to provide emission test results and pay the corresponding fees at the cashier.

Now, LTO will soon implement a way stricter motor vehicle registration process called Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS). This means that LTO will not accept emission only registration moving forward.

Emission testing in La Naval

LTO will now become stricter in motor vehicle registrations

To address the new system, LTO will be accrediting numerous Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs). These PMVICs will strictly follow the new MVIS guidelines which involve visual checks and thorough inspection of various car parts.

The Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs) will be discontinued once the PMVICs with the new MVIS guidelines are fully operational. There are about 138 PMVICs that will be opened nationwide to cater to numerous motor vehicle registrations in the country.

Some of the under chassis parts that will be checked in the MVIS include engine oil leaks, rigidity of chassis frame, parking brake wire, condition of the power steering system, fuel hoses and pipes, shock absorbers, exhaust pipe, brake hoses, spring clips, condition of radiator, and engine mounting.

Replacing wheels

Tires should be replaced every five years

Parts above carriage such as tires and wheels will be checked thoroughly. The new guideline states that the maximum age for tires will only be five years. After that, they should replaced to complete the vehicle registration. Of note, the inspection fee for the new MVIS guidelines will be Php 1,800 for cars.

The new MVIS system intends to assure that every registered motor vehicle is roadworthy, which will ideally result in fewer accidents. On the contrary, it can also mean that owning a motor vehicle in the country will be more costly due to more frequent parts replacements.

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