These are the guidelines for areas placed under MECQ

Updated Apr 12, 2021 | Same topic: COVID-19 Updates

NCR Plus and select areas have seen a slight downgrade of restrictions.   

After two weeks under enhanced community quarantine or ECQ, Metro Manila and its adjoining provinces have been placed under the slightly less restrictive MECQ from April 12 to 30, 2021. Among the areas where the restrictions will take effect are NCR Plus (National Capital Region, Bulacan, Rizal, Laguna, Cavite), Santiago City in Quirino, and Abra.

IATF checking jeepney

Even with a downgrade in restrictions, minimum public health standards will still apply at all times

Under the amended omnibus guidelines issued by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID), minimum public health standards will still be in effect at all times. Vulnerable members of the population such as those below 18 years and over 65 years of age, pregnant women, and those with comorbidities are required to stay home, except for essential travel such as work and obtaining goods and services.   

Closed mall stores

Only mall stores dealing in essential goods such as food, medicine, and hardware materials are allowed to operate

Offices and industries will be allowed to operate with a skeleton workforce, including government agencies, food manufacturing and production, hygiene products, banks, utilities, business process outsourcing, postal services, and delivery of food and essential goods. Staff working for these industries are required to present any of the following: IATF IDs, valid IDs or pertinent document issued by the permitted establishment, and local IDs if required by their respective local government units. When possible, alternative work arrangements are recommended.

Cash assistance disbursement

Essential activities such as aid distribution are exempt from the ban on mass gatherings

In accordance with DOTr guidelines, public transport for road and maritime travel shall be limited to 50 percent capacity. Rail services can accommodate up to 30 percent of their total passenger capacities. Commercial air travel will also be allowed subject to existing protocols. For private vehicles, the one-seat distance between occupants in each seating row remains in effect. Everyone on board must wear masks, but this requirement can be waived for motorists traveling alone.   

Curfew hours within NCR Plus have been adjusted by two hours and will now be in effect from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next day. This will remain in place until the mayors and governors agree on a finalized curfew period. Workers, cargo vehicles, and public transportation will not be restricted by these curfew hours.

MRT-7 construction

Full on-site capacity for priority construction projects, both private and public, is permitted 

Mass gatherings continue to be restricted, except for the provision of essential services and humanitarian activities. Religious gatherings are allowed at 10 percent (up to 30 percent if allowed by the LGU concerned). Necrological services shall be limited to immediate family members only.  

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