Are you the next-generation Mazda Miata?

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The current generation is already seven years old.

The current iteration of the Mazda MX-5 or Miata is already seven years old, making us wonder when the Japanese automaker will bring out the next-gen model. Now, it seems like Mazda is hinting at the upcoming iteration of its renowned roadster through the “Vision Study Model.”

Mazda Miata Vision Study Model

Vision Study Model

No details have been disclosed regarding the “Vision Study Model.” It only appeared in Mazda’s new 36-minute video where President and CEO Akira Marumoto talks about the brand’s plans for becoming a more sustainable business up to 2030. With that being said, the mystery car could possibly be using an all-electric powertrain.

The reason why we think that this could be the next-gen Mazda MX-5 is the similarities between the two. From the 2-door roadster exterior look to the familiar front-end fascia, the fifth-gen version of the model may be bound to arrive. Plus, the MX-5 appears to be the main car in the video that you can watch at the end of the presentation.

Mazda MX-5 Vision Study Model

Futuristic-looking sports coupe

But perhaps Mazda’s plan to keep the MX-5’s core features such as a rear-wheel-drive platform and combustion engine contradict a fully electric-powered Miata. These features helped the nameplate become the world’s best-selling 2-seater sports car.

Although the automaker admits that an MX-5 EV is likely the fate of the car due to more stringent emission regulations, we can still hope for an internal combustion engine-powered Miata, at least for the next-gen model. All of these could still be part of the brand’s Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030 plan.

This could be part of Mazda's sustainability plan up to 2030

If the speculations ever end up being false, the “Vision Study Model” could be a concept for an all-new electric sports car model. It could run alongside an ICE-powered MX-5 in the lineup, expanding the brand’s offerings. Let’s just hope that this doesn’t end up like the RX Vision and Vision Coupe concepts which didn’t make the production stage.

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Know more about Mazda MX-5 2023

Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 2023 Philippines is a 2-seater, rear-wheel-drive sports car. The soft-top version currently has five different variants for the Philippine market. These are the MX-5 SkyActiv-G 2.0 MT Black Top, the MX-5 2.0 MT Red Top, and the MX-5 2.0 AT, the Club Edition 2.0 MT, and the Club Edition 2.0 AT. Prices for the 2023 Mazda MX-5 range from Php 2,020,000 to Php 2,630,000. 

Under the hood, the Mazda MX-5 uses a 2.0-liter inline-4 gasoline engine capable of making up to 181 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque. Power is then sent to its rear wheels through a six-speed manual transmission, or a six-speed automatic gearbox. 

Size-wise, the MX-5 has a length of 3,915mm, a width of 1,735mm, and a height of 1,230mm. 

Currently, the Mazda MX-5 competes against the likes of the Toyota 86, Subaru BRZ, among others. 

₱ 2,020,000 - ₱ 2,630,000

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