2022 Mazda Carol is a rebadged ninth-gen Suzuki Alto

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Early in December, Suzuki Japan revealed the ninth-generation Alto featuring a restyled design along with a mild-hybrid system. The new Alto is a welcome sight for fans of Japanese kei cars since the last time it received an update was around seven years ago. 

2022 Mazda Carol front shot

2022 Mazda Carol

Speaking of kei cars, Mazda has unveiled the 2022 Carol that bears the same styling, and power unit option as the Suzuki Alto. It’s essentially a rebadged version of the Alto, making the two vehicles like identical twins. Rebadging cars is not new in the automotive industry as it is one way to efficiently market vehicles by reducing production and development costs.

The Mazda Carol, being the identical twin of the Alto, comes with the same exterior design as Suzuki’s kei car. It has the same boxy exterior along with trapezoidal-shaped headlamps, recessed front and rear bumpers, and an off-center license plate number. The Mazda Carol even comes with the same two-tone exterior paint seen on the Suzuki Alto. 

2022 Suzuki Alto front shot2022 Mazda Carol front shot

Suzuki Alto (left) vs Mazda Carol (right) 

Other than the badges, the distinct difference between the Carol and the Alto is that the Mazda kei car doesn’t come with chrome trim on the front end. Pretty much like an identical twin, right?    

The same story can be told when you look at the interior of the 2022 Mazda Carol. It has the same layout as the Suzuki Alto. The dashboard and door panel comes in navy blue, while the seats feature a denim-like material. The aircon vents, the steering wheel, and the instrument cluster are similar to the one fitted on the Alto. The only difference is that the Carol has a Mazda logo on the steering wheel. 

2022 Mazda Carol interior shot

2022 Mazda Carol interior

Looking at the photos and the spec sheet, it seems that the Alto’s infotainment system didn’t make the transition on the Mazda Carol. But, the Carol comes with the same storage compartments. 

In terms of safety, the Mazda Carol is equipped with six airbags, and several driver-assist features such as lane departure warning function, and high beam assist. It also comes with Dual Camera Brake Support tech that’s said to detect pedestrians at night for a safer driving experience. 

The Mazda Carol is powered by a 660cc 3-cylinder gasoline engine that puts out 48 hp. Depending on the variant, it sends power to the front or to all four wheels. The engine is connected to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The mild-hybrid system features a 2.5 hp motor, and a lithium-ion battery pack.

2022 Mazda Carol front and rear shot

The Mazda Carol comes with an all-wheel-drive option

The all-new Mazda Carol will go on sale in Japan starting January 2022. It has a starting price range of 998,800 yen (around Php 443,000) to 1,303,500 yen (Php 578,000).

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Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese-grown brand that began in the city of Hiroshima. In January of 1920, the company was established as Toyo Kogyo Corporation under the ownership of Jujiro Matsuda. They were considered to be Japan’s best cork producers that eventually made a name for themselves in manufacturing machining tools. Soon after, Matsuda ventured into producing the first motorized rickshaw in the market. The vehicle was called the Mazda-Go which was a reference to Matsuda himself.

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