Honda City 2020 gets Modulo Aero Package! Pricing revealed to make your City more legit!

Dec 02, 2019
Modulo has blessed the all-new 2020 Honda City with some go-fast bits from Honda Accessories. Check out how it looks and how much it will be for when it arrives on our shores. Take my money, Honda please!!

Just when you think you knew everything about the recently revealed all-new Honda City 2020 with all its Turbo goodness, Honda hits back at you with something special.

Apart from the existing variants of the City such as the Honda City S, V, SV and RS, you can now spruce your Honda City up even more with some go-fast bits from Honda Accessories Shop, Modulo.

modulo aero sport package on honda city

Honda Surprises everyone with the availability of Original Honda Accessories Parts!

For the uninitiated, Modulo is pretty much like Mugen but offers a different set of kit and is generally cheaper. Mugen offers you its own special body kits, and other bits and is mostly based in Japan while Modulo is sourced out of Thailand. No matter because Modulo kits are still pretty amazing and are unique enough to be collectible and cool at the same time.

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modulo aero sport package on honda city wing

You can have that wing separately without purchasing the package!

The package not only includes exterior kits but also packages for the interior of the Honda City 2020. The prices are in Thai Baht, but if current pricing for models are any indication they shouldn’t be that far off from local pricing. Here are the packages and the kit included with each one:

Modulo package
Included Bits
Approx price in Php
(as of 29/11/2019)
Modulo Aero
Front Under Spoilers - To be attached on the bottom part of the bumper; Rear Under Spoilers - To be attached on the bottom part of the OE bumper;
Php 26,084.35
Modulo Aero RS
Everything included with the Modulo Aero Package with side skirts
Php 30,099.73
Modulo Aero Sport
Everything included with the Modulo Aero RS Package with low profile wing-type spoiler with brake light
Php 39,516.40

These Aero packages come strictly in those tiers however if you do so choose there are some Modulo items you can get individually and their respective approximate prices (as of 29/11/2019)

  • Modulo Wing Type Trunk Spoiler – Php 13,705.31
  • Modulo Sport Pedals – Php 2,186.12
  • Modulo Side Step Garnish with LED – Php 7,399.67
  • 15-inch Modulo Wheels – Php 6,054.28/piece
  • Modulo LED Fog Lights – Php 9,251.41
  • Modulo Drive Recorder (Dash Camera) – Php 6,475.99

modulo aero sport package on honda city rear

Getting original Honda Parts from Japan is difficult but Modulo aims to solve that problem

These bits won’t make you go faster but you sure will look so much cooler with these authentic Modulo Parts. The All-New 2020 Honda City comes with a 1.0L 3-cylinder DOHC turbocharged VTEC engine, that's good for 120 hp @ 5,500 RPM and 173 Nm of torque at 2,250 RPM.

This is the same engine found in the Euro-Spec Honda Civic SR. This makes me excited to try out this All-New City, even more so than the frumpy looking Honda Jazz 2020.

15-inch modulo wheel on honda city

Stylish 15 inch modulo mags up the ante even further

Honda Thailand will be releasing the City right on Christmas eve with a Philippine release expected in early 2020. When it does reaches our shores, you can expect to be there to cover everything about it and myself to test drive it!

So stay tuned and follow us for more news, reviews, and insights on Philippine motoring and everything about the car culture.

Source: Roy Robles