The 2020 Honda City 1.5 S: It's cheaper than the manual variant!

Nov 09, 2019 | Same topic: Auto industry: Latest updates
Check out the Honda City 2020's new variant! It's the most affordable yet and it has a CVT!

The Honda City 2020’s new Variant

Great news for those who like Honda cars and those currently in the market for an affordable but reliable sedan! Honda just released new variant of the best-selling Honda City and it is called the 1.5 S.

While it comes with a CVT, its actually the new entry level model as such it’s the most affordable City you can buy right now. In turn, the previous base model City 1.5 is now bumped up into the middle just below the top of the line City VX.

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A picture of the Honda City 1.5 S

The only difference on the 1.5s are the simpler set of steel wheels and the lack of fog-lamps

The Honda City 1.5 S exterior

Being an entry-level model, the City 1.5 S is a simple looking vehicle which doesn’t have much of the exterior equipment the City 1.5 E has. It doesn’t have a set of alloy wheels and instead it comes with steelies with wheel covers. The new entry-level variant also doesn’t have fog lights. LED daytime running lights however is still standard for the City 1.5 S.

A picture of a white Honda City 1.5 S

The City 1.5 S though still has a decent amount of chrome, so yeah, still looks great!

The Honda City 1.5 S Interior

Step inside and you’ll be pleased to know that the City 1.5 S is still as roomy and well arranged. The big difference though is this new variant doesn’t have a touchscreen infotainment system and instead it only has a 1-DIN stereo capable of USB connectivity and AUX. Standard for the City 1.5 S is anti-lock brakes, seat height adjusters, eco-mode with eco coaching, and dual air-bags.

The Honda City 1.5 S Engine & Price

Just like the rest of the Honda City variants, the City 1.5 S uses a gasoline powered 1.5 liter i-VTEC inline-4 which can make up to 117 horsepower and 145 Nm of torque. This of course makes the Honda City one of the more powerful cars in its class.

A picture of the Honda City 1.5 S from the side and rear.

From the side to its rear, the City 1.5 S looks just about the same.

For your reference, here’s the current pricelist of all Honda City variants including the price of the new Honda City 1.5 S. If you’re curious about the next-gen Honda City though then that’s still a ways off for us.

Honda City variant


Honda City 1.5 S

Php 820,000

Honda City 1.5 E MT

Php 828,000

Honda City 1.5 E CVT

Php 876,000

Honda City 1.5 VX NAVI CVT


Honda City 1.5 VX+ NAVI CVT

Php 1,068,000

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