Here are the 5 best car commercials in recent years

Apr 15, 2019 | Same topic: Highlights of the week
Check out the run-down of our favorite car commercials that have blown audiences' mind recently.

Every day we encounter different commercial ads that promote the product and services of different brands, be it for a simple shampoo, cell phones, accessories, gadgets, and cars. This type of commercials exists as a marketing strategy for every business venture to attract customers to purchase their offered goods and services.

Through the years, we've seen hundreds of commercials with a different approach to catch the attention of the viewing public. Even car commercials have their own way to advertise their models. The following list is the best car commercials that have picked up by Let's check out!

Car commercials

If you're a car lover, you sure remember some fun and meaningful car commercials.

1.Toyota "Good Odds"

Topping the list is the commercial that has a great emotional and social impact. The ad tackles the very inspiring journey of Lauren Woolstencroft, an 8-time Canadian Paralympic gold medalist who was born without feet.

The one-minute commercial is her story of perseverance from infant to adulthood, that raised feelings of amazement, warmth, happiness, and inspiration.

The ad is also a part of the "Let's Go Places" campaign and "Start Your Impossible" Olympic campaign. This leads to the brand being praised as the provider of "mobility" solutions, by going the extra mile to include technologies like wearable robotic leg braces for people with the same cases as Lauren.

This ad that let us feel extreme emotions is brought by the dual effort of Saatch & Saatchi in the United States and Dentsu in Tokyo. This commercial does not advertise a particular model but the whole brand of Toyota.

Good Odds | Toyota

2. KIA Stinger "Feel Something Again"

The Steven Tyler Big Game is a new compass for the South Korean manufacturer and for the sporty sedan in general. The ad begins with the old and haggard-looking Tyler entering the Stinger and reversing speedily around a very dusty racetrack and somehow, as he drives backward, he travels back in time 40 years ago, during his youthful days.

Kia Super Bowl Commercial 2018 Steven Tyler Feel Something Again

The soundtrack played on this commercial is "Dream On" by Emerson Fittipaldi. This ad was a great campaign to catch everyone's attention and interest towards the Stinger.

The general message of the ad is to feel something again which means, by driving Stinger, you'll feel something great about the driving experience again with KIA. So all in all, this is one of those memorable commercials ever made.

steve tyler driving

Steven Tyler portrays the role of an aging driver that relives his youthful driving days very well

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3. Audi " The Comeback"

This commercial is not as serious as it may seem, but it's very interesting and somewhat funny in most parts. The story revolves around the life of the Tyrannosaurus rex (popularly called T-rex) that experiences the ups and downs of life in the fast track lanes.

The very dangerous T-rex that used to cause chaos, danger, terror, and mayhem among its contemporaries is now living in the modern and digital era. In this modern age, the T-rex is under extreme pain and devastation after being the subject of social media derision caused by humans. It's like the T-rex versus the whole Twittersphere and we all know who's in the disconcerting edge.

Audi - The Comeback

The ad goes to show that even the fierce-skinned predator cannot withstand cyberbullying. Although the T-rex shows a tough and strong appearance, it conceals its sensitive and delicate side.

But the depression and anxiety he experienced are staved off because he came to know the Audi piloted driving that brought back the joy to the T-rex.

It is said that this commercial will make you feel emotions you never knew existed. It's very catchy and that made you feel mixed pity and humor towards the main subject–the T-rex. It's also a very memorable commercial.

4. Hyundai Genesis "First Date"

This ad got a lot of momentum throughout the whole duration of the commercial. Well, the story started with a parked Hyundai Genesis in the driveway. A teenage boy appeared and rung the doorbell that was later on answered by the teenage girl.

The girl's father (portrayed by Kevin Hart) insisted to use his new car, the Hyundai Genesis, handing the keys to the boy. The moment the two teenagers left, Kevin uses the car finder app.

Allowing him to track all the places that the two teenagers went to, from the movie theater to the carnival and the last stop, the romantic spot wherein the boy was about to kiss the girl but he noticed Kevin dangling from a helicopter and giving him the warning look.

First Date – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial | The 2016 Hyundai Genesis

That leads to the boy bringing back the girl to its home earlier than expected. Ending the ad is Kevin Hart with a vast smile that speaks "mission accomplished". Aside from the ad being naturally humorous, it also shows parenting in a whole new level.

It also shows how teenager dates and of course the nature of strict and over-protective parents showing that they only want the best for their kids as well as them knowing their child's whereabouts during the night. Well, you can't question that, their children's sake and safety is the parent's top priority after all.

It is a wise decision to have Kevin Hart, a famous comedian, in the commercial. He gave the whole ad humor that is an attention-grabbing attribute and will surely be remembered by the audience. All in all, the ad is fun and successful.

5. Volkswagen Passat "The Force"

With over 61 million views, the ad created by Deutsch than that was aired in 2011 is undeniably a memorable one. It features a growing family. The story started from a kid, all dressed up as Star War's Darth Vader, that's cutely trying to use the Dark Side on almost anything in the house.

From the family dog, a baby doll, his newly served food down to the new Passat that was recently parked by his dad in their garage. The best scene was the last part, where the kid looks so surprised in the thought that he was able to control the car with the Dark Side.

Not knowing that his dad was the one responsible for it by the use of the car control keys. The ad ends with the father giving 'the look' to his wife while they're busy watching from the kitchen. This is such a short but classic ad that completes our top 5.

The Force - Volkswagen Commercial in HD

There's a lot of other commercials out there but these five catches the attention and interest of most of the viewing public. Let's just bear in mind that commercials do not only persuade the audience. recognizes that they give us meaningful information, that will help us decide whether to give their product or services a try or it is something that we are really in need of. Most importantly, commercials nowadays also convey important messages in relation to their product.

It can be about family, parenting, social crisis, personal development or simply a story of inspiration. Let's not only focus on the product it promotes but also keep the lesson it presents. 

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