Foton PH expands its product line with Foton Hurricane EST-M 2019

Updated Jun 11, 2019 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
Foton Hurricane EST-M 2019 trucks will be the Foton's infiltrate commercial vehicle market 2019, price starts at P1,990,000.

The famous automaker, Foton Philippines continues to develop its car portfolio not simply in the passenger vehicle segment. In recent days, it has launched a range of commercial vehicle products to the auto market known as Foton Hurricane EST-M 2019 series.

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1. Foton EST-M Hurricane: What’s special?

With series of trucks from 2019 EST-M 4x2 Hurricane, the latest heavy-duty hauler is now featured with a diverse range of body styles and configurations. Now, drivers can be able to choose either 22-footer or 25-footer cargo trucks due to their needs and purposes.

25-footer, sound interesting? Now, you can compare this 25-footer cargo truck with a six-wheeler dump truck carrying 9 cubic meters. In terms of the payload capacity, a cargo truck with 25-footer will be able to pack 17,070kg while 15,000kg is the maximum figure for the dump truck to carry goods.

Foton EST-M 4x2 Hurricane 2019

Foton EST-M 4x2 Hurricane 2019 is now featured with a diverse range of body styles and configurations

It is believed that the inline-six turbo-diesel engine plays an important role in activating all variants of the EST-M Hurricane. The engine can generate 220PS at 2500 rpm while surprisingly, a whopping 800 Nm can be effortlessly allocated at 1500 rpm.

Furthermore, as being used as commercial vehicles, the manufacturer provides the Hurricane trucks series with an array of safety features. Most impressive is the brake-force distribution which as anti-lock brakes. Besides, an anti-slip regulator and mitigation system for collision also gives drivers and passengers a better sense of safety and security. 

2. Foton EST-M Hurricane: More convenience

Although EST-M Hurricane is famous for being a workhorse, Foton arranged this new product with a group of convenience features.

Firstly, the door locks and power windows are being renewed and improved. Secondly, the tilt or the telescopic steering wheel also is the big new convenient feature besides the more spacious cabin for three.

Not less notably, there are more details should be noticed to the EST-M Hurricane 2019 trucks here. For example, in the cab model, the storage behind the driver and front passenger will have more additional space as it comes more standardized.

Foton EST-M Hurricane trucks 

Foton Philippines arranged EST-M Hurricane trucks with a group of convenience features 

According to the latest car news, there are also new features on the interior and entertainment system. “We’re also highlighting the entertainment and car-like interiors for the driver and passenger” to cite Rommel Sytin’s words, the president of Foton Philipines.

It is believed that the abilities of light, medium or heavy trucks combined with the adaptability of numerous body arrangements will make the Hurricane trucks more flexible for the different needs of the Philippines market.

3. Foton EST-M Hurricane 2019 price list

Here we will provide you with the latest price list of Foton EST-M Hurricane.

Model Price
Hurricane EST-M Cargo Truck 4x2 22-footer P1,990,000
Hurricane EST-M Cargo Truck 4x2 25-footer P2,090,000
Hurricane EST-M Dump Truck 4x2 P2,400,000
Hurricane EST-M Cargo Truck 4x2 with Crane P2,800,000

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