Chery PH shares why Tiggo crossovers are ideal during rainy season

Updated Aug 05, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Chery’s crossovers offer notable ground clearance.

As the rainy season approaches, roads in the country are expected to get flooded. This can be troublesome and time-consuming for Filipino motorists as floods can damage vehicles severely, resulting in unwanted expensive parts repair or replacement costs.

Chery Tiggo 2 front view

Chery Tiggo 2

With that being said, Chery Auto Philippines believes that its four Tiggo crossovers are ideal choices, especially during the rainy season. The Chinese automaker said that its relatively affordable models offer a tall ride height and more ground clearance which are essential when driving through flooded roads.

Starting with the Tiggo 2 subcompact crossover that boasts 186mm of ground clearance, according to Chery. Looking at the number, it is said to be around 35mm more than what typical hatchbacks and small sedans would offer. The best part about the model is its affordable price tag at Php 695,000 only for the baseline variant.

Chery Tiggo 5x front view

Chery Tiggo 5x

Moving to another subcompact crossover in Chery Auto Philippines’ lineup, the Tiggo 5x stands tall with a ground clearance of roughly 190mm. It is offered with a starting price of Php 818,000 for the 1.5 MT base variant and goes up to Php 970,000 for the top-of-the-line Luxury 1.5 AT variant.

The last two crossovers in the lineup, namely the all-new Tiggo 7 Pro compact crossover and 7-seater Tiggo 8 midsize crossover, flaunt ground clearances as high as 200 mm. Pricing starts at Php 1,198,000 for the Tiggo 7 Pro, while the Tiggo 8 starts at Php 1,280,000.

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro front view

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro

All Chery Tiggo crossovers in the country use a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine. However, the Tiggo 7 and Tiggo 8 benefit from a turbocharger that produces a combined power output of 145 hp and 210 Nm of torque.

If things go bad while driving through floods, Chery Auto Philippines got its customers covered with its industry-leading 10-year or 1,000,000 km engine warranty, a 5-year general vehicle warranty, and 3-year roadside assistance.

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Know more about Chery Tiggo 5x 2021

Chery Tiggo 5x

When state-owned Chinese carmaker Chery Auto Philippines made its comeback in the Philippine automotive market, it introduced an entirely new design aesthetics for its lineup of crossovers, which includes the Tiggo 5X. Compared to how the brand designed previous vehicles it has launched, the Tiggo 5X sports a more modern and cleaner look. The spacious cabin is decked in premium finishes that give a sophisticated feel. For an attainable price tag, the Tiggo 5X offers a wide range of tech features and has a ride comfort that is at par with other subcompact crossovers in the market. The five-seater crossover is powered by a 1.5L gasoline engine that is available in two transmissions options, manual and automatic. It is equipped with a decent infotainment system, cruise control, and its unique electronic parking brake with an auto brake hold feature that is new to this segment.

From ₱818,000

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