All-new Ford Focus 2019: Things you need to know

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The all-new Ford Focus will sit on a new platform named C2.

The fourth-gen Ford Focus 2019 has so far been revealed. To make things straight, check out what's new on this hot model.

2019 Ford Focus - First Presentation

1. Lighter though larger and stronger

The all-new Focus will sit on the new platform named C2. The new model will get larger in space, stronger in power, and lighter in weight. 

2. Similar front though fresh sides

The front-end hasn’t got any heavy operation in look but the two sides do, which comes from the metalwork made by 3 curved lines. Differences also take roots from an almond-shaped area. The brand made a decision to split the taillight clusters, giving them a wider appearance.

The front of the Ford Focus 2019

The front-end hasn’t got any heavy operation in look but the two sides do

3. More space offered to occupants

With lengthened wheelbase and redesigned front seats, passengers at the rear are offered more legroom. With the door windows pulled toward the pillar, these rear occupants are provided with better vision outward. Specifically, it comes with 90 cubic feet of passenger volume, though this is still a bit smaller than the total passenger volume of the Ford Fusion 2017 for sale

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4. All-new dashboard

To provide more space, the dashboard is moved forward and earns a cleaner and better look thanks to the soft-touch plastic while the larger 8-inch touchscreen, running the Sync3 system, is re-positioned a little higher.

The interior of the Ford Focus 2019

To provide more space, the dashboard is moved forward

5. Assistance hi-tech

The Ford Focus 2019 comes loaded with twelve ultrasonic sensors, a front camera, radars on the sides, and a front radar (all working independently).

When driving at night, the LED adaptive headlamps (coming as an option) can broaden the beam shape each time the camera detects a bend sign or a roundabout.

The safety is boosted thanks to the evasive steering assist which helps the car find the best space to steer into when it feels a crash coming. Though it is still not the best. The best is the auto-brake system which stops the car if detecting any possible collision.

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6. Lightly-refreshed suspension

Suspension system has been renewed. Particularly, the rear suspension has been changed completely.

With a torsion-beam setup in the least powerful variant, first since the Escort, many are afraid this will not be a good decision of Ford although the engineers have claimed its performance will be just as good as the existing Focus.

The side of the Ford Focus 2019

The rear suspension has been changed completely

On the other hand, more powerful hatches gain a long-and-short arm setup, which, as they said, provides less noise than the torsion beam does while offering more exact steering response.

Some models have the choice of adaptive dampers as well.

7. Optimal treatment for airflow

The grille seems to receive one of the most expected features which will automatically close when calculating there’s no more cooling air needed. The Ford Focus 2019 comes with air curtains which work to give ample air around the front wheels not to absorb turbulence while the rear body receives various small edges to disperse the airflow better.

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Ford Focus
The Ford Focus is a compact sedan offered in either a five-door hatchback or a four-door sedan. The Ford Focus is produced by Ford Motors Company. It was created under Alexander Trotman’s Ford 2000 idea. His aim was to bring the model into the worldwide market.