What are windshield protectors and are they useful?

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This is a guide on defining what windshield protectors are what is their purpose and determining if the windshield protectors are useful.

Much like the products they sell, the automotive industry is in constant motion. Just as there are problems and issues that come up with regard to owning a car, innovations eventually keep up and provide solutions to them.

A particular problem area that motorists have to deal with is the car’s windshield. Being made of glass, it’s one of the more vulnerable parts of the car, which is why windshield protectors were invented. But are these really useful? Philkotse.com finds out in this article.

1. What purpose does the windshield serve?

The windshield is the large glass panel in front of the vehicle between the cabin and the hood. It protects the occupants from external elements like wind, dirt, and debris while being responsible for the car’s forward visibility. It is also raked and curved at an angle as part of the car’s aerodynamics, allowing the vehicle to cut through the air with less drag.

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car windshield protector

It protects the occupants from external elements while being responsible for the car’s forward visibility

2. Common windshield problems

Like any other part of your vehicle, the windshield is also susceptible to a number of problems. Some of the most common ones include:

Catching falling debris

This refers to the various elements that fall and land on the car, from seemingly harmless objects such as leaves, twigs, and bird poop, to bigger objects such as rocks. Parking under a tree or right next to a building increases the chances of debris reaching the windshield.

Windshield with bird poop

Falling debris includes leaves, twigs, bird poop, and rocks, among other things

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Heating the interior

Cars parked under the sun instantly turn into hot boxes. And if the elevated temperatures weren’t enough, glass panels such as the windshield can let sunlight into the interior, exposing the dashboard surfaces and upholstery to UV damage, especially if the windshield has no tint.

Warping windshield wipers

Defective windshield wipers can be caused by the prolonged exposure of the wiper blades under the sun. Pressed against the curvature of the windshield, the wiper blades eventually become warped and brittle. Using the windshield wipers while there is sticky debris on the windshield also reduces their effectivity and causes them to wear out faster, leaving streaks or wiper trails along with the glass.

Defective windshield wiper

Defective windshield wipers are caused by improper care for the blades and wiper arm

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3. What are windshield protectors?

Windshield protectors are an innovative solution that helps you protect the car's windshield, as well as the cabin from overexposure to the sun. Windshield protectors can either be installed from inside the car or mounted outside the windshield, held in place by the wipers so that it doesn’t fall off or get blown away.

Windshield protectors reduce the heat entering the cabin from direct sunlight, shielding the interior and making it easier for the airconditioning to cool down the occupants as the car is started.

windshield protector

Windshield protectors block the harsh heat of the sun and keep your interior from getting too hot

4. What materials do they use?

Windshield protectors are made from a range of materials depending on the manufacturer. Some popular brands of windshield protectors use PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate), while others use materials layered with polyester. A common perception when buying windshield protectors is that the quality depends on how expensive it is; this isn’t always the case. Even a relatively affordable windshield protector can offer quality that lasts for years.

5. How to use one

There are several ways to install a windshield protector. Most models are equipped with hooks and suction cups that will let you attach the material to the windshield. Other types have flaps and bungee straps to secure them in the car.

windshield protectors

Windshield protectors can be fastened in a number of ways

6. Best ones to use

We’re listing down two popular windshield protectors available in the market, with both of them tried and tested by car owners.

Shade-It Shade190T Windshield Large Sun Shade

The Shade-It Shade190T Sun Shade is a good choice for protecting your car's interior from the sun’s unforgiving heat. In terms of dimensions, the Shad190T measures 63 inches in width and 33 inches in height. It’s also available in medium and extra-large sizes for bigger vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, and vans.

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windshield protector

The Shade-It Shade190T fits a variety of models

Dragon Squama Car Windshield Snow/Sun Protector

Although it doesn’t exactly snow here in the Philippines, the Dragon Squama Snow/Sun Protector can still provide satisfactory protection for your windshield. In contrast to the Shade-It,  the Dragon Squama is installed on the car’s exterior.

The product resists the sun’s heat and UV rays, is waterproof and also windproof, featuring external straps to keep the windshield protector in place. The Dragon Squama even has integrated side mirror covers for better coverage and is also available in a range of sizes to fit various models.

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