Top 5 best modifications for your car - Can you guess?

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We have a list of the top 5 best and most useful modifications you can do to any car without going too overboard. Check out this list to give you a better idea for your project!

So you’ve finally bought your dream car! After months of browsing through our cars for sale section, we believe that you’ve found the best car that fits your budget and needs and then take it home. Then you start to have that itch.

Everyone wants to improve, make things better and your car, being a reflection of yourself is one of the possessions that you can endlessly modify, customize and make it truly your own!

A girl with a new car

The next question after getting your new car is; what's next?

When it comes to modifying your car there are tons of resources around the internet that you can take out from to grab some ideas. Whether you can go for JDM inspired looks or track performance beasts, you will find endless articles and forums that can help you with anything might want to know.

There is so much information in fact that it can get overwhelming fast. Do you swap out engines altogether slap on a turbo or maybe buy one of those nifty computers that claim to make your car go faster?

Trust me I have been there and I’ve experienced my own share of woes and pitfalls in modifying my own car. I am FAR from completing my own set of modifications. In fact, I’m only beginning to scratch the surface and like you, I’ve never really known where to start.

A girl is driving

Everyone wants to get the most out of their cars

What we’ve done is that I’ve compiled the top 5 basic modifications that you should do to your car that will surely make an immediate impact. These are arranged in a logical order to further help you out with your modifications. These mods are also here assuming that your car is in good running condition.

Always make sure that proper car maintenance is done on a regular basis. Check out the rest of our articles here at to help you out with that matter. With that out of the way, let's find out what are the top 5 modifications to do with your car in a logical order!

1. Coilovers

Yes, Coilovers! I can hear already hear the hate from some of you guys ready to pounce on me for even suggesting this. I believe that lowering your car has received a bad reputation, to a point that car lowering is primarily just for aesthetic purposes. Well, yes and no.

A car

Coilover is far superior in lowering cars than just springs

I chose coilovers over the much cheaper alternative, lowering springs for 2 simple reasons. First is versatility. Coilovers are adjustable, which mean you can adjust your ride-height, suspension rebound and stiffness to whatever you want. Springs only come in one size, whichever size it was when you bought it.

You can cut those springs but that is sub-optimal. The next reason why coilovers are far superior is that these suspension parts were designed to work with each other.

Springs are installed over your stock shock-absorbers and if you compare your old springs with the new one, more often than not, it would have different build characteristics.

Installing stiffer or shorter springs on stock shocks only increase the wear and tear of those shocks as they were not designed with for springs.

Coilover with different sizes

Coilovers may be more expensive than springs but are more versatile and durable

Lowering your car’s center of gravity positively affects the way your car handles. Stock suspension in most cars leaves the factory favoring comfort over performance.

And the first thing to upgrade in your car before anything else is its suspension parts. With coilovers, you begin the foundation for almost anything else you would be installing on your vehicle after this.

2. Wheels and tires

I honestly believe that tires are the most important modification in any vehicle. The only reason this came in second is that you would have to set the foundation in your car for you to achieve the most out of them. After installing your coilover you can now install a better set of wheels and tires.

Upgraded racing tires

Tires are the primary contact between your car and the road

No matter what size of wheel you get for your car, it is important to know that wheels are what is called “unsprung weight”. Unsprung weight is mass or components that are outside on the suspension.

Therefore the term, “unsprung” This means that if you change these components and make them lighter it will definitely have a positive effect on your car’s overall performance, making it more agile, easier to maneuver and lighter and tighter steering.

Lightweight alloy wheels

Lightweight alloy wheels significantly reduce weight for even better handling

The wheels and tires are the primary contact point between the car and the road it runs on. Each brand makes their own tires with their own proprietary chemical formula to increase either performance or comfort or both.

You shouldn’t be stingy in buying your tires, make sure that you purchase them from a reputable brand with good performance history. It is never a good idea to cheap out on tires.

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3. Exhaust system

Here comes the part where it gets a bit tricky if you ask me changing the way a car handles with upgraded coilovers and wheels are enough upgrades to ensure a much-improved ride. I did promise you.

However 5 important modifications that you can do and I’m sure you’re not stopping on the first 2. After you upgrade your car’s suspension characteristics you might want to invest next on an upgraded exhaust system.

Upgraded exhaust on car

An upgraded exhaust system will let your car Breath out gasses freely

Just like the suspension, a car’s exhaust system is designed to work and get the most optimal performance from your car. Now the word “optimal” is defined differently by what the car company, the government and you think.

The car brand has to take into consideration cost efficiency, noise vibration, and harshness levels and mentioning cost-efficiency again because they have to get the most revenue from the least amount of resources.

The government also think that optimal means your car has to comply with particular standards that they have set up for these companies.

Underside of car with exhaust system

Upgrading the car's exhaust system will also make your car more engaging and sound better

Now we are talking about you dear reader. Installing a good aftermarket exhaust system is the most painless way of modifying your car’s engine performance and admittedly, exhaust note. Mufflers are aptly named because they Muffle out the sounds coming from the engine through the exhaust pipes.

Aftermarket Exhaust systems offer designs that are specifically made to improve not just the stock design but to put a smile on your face as well by making your car sound better. We all love a good exhaust note.

Sure, it makes negligible power gains but the most important factor for upgrading your exhaust is in putting a smile on your face knowing that every time you rev your engine it makes a pleasing sound. Whatever that sound may be is up to you.

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4. Brakes

One more important factor in car modification, I think is the how you can effectively stop your car. I think many people work too hard to increase your acceleration times, but not much of your shopping time. This is another cost-effective and low-effort way to improve your car’s driving dynamics.

High-performed car brakes

More Important than all-out power is stopping power

Installing larger brakes, or maybe slotted disc brakes can make sure that enough force is applied to your forward momentum, and we all know in braking, every millimeter counts. If you feel less adventurous, simply swapping out for ceramic brake pads can do wonders.

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5. Aero kits

To be honest I feel like I could leave this out of the list and feel happy with myself. The prevalence of installing aftermarket body kits to your car has increased ever since the Fast and the Furious franchise started. The purpose of this list though is to enlighten you on the proper use of these parts and explaining what effect these have on your vehicle.

The last thing on this list should pretty much sum up what your priorities should be and I think body kits, when tastefully and purposefully done will enable to give you a positive effect on your car.

Aero kits will enable your car to channel with resistance and drag more effectively, potentially giving you benefits such as more stability, speed, and fuel economy. Making your car look good in the process and distinct is also an effect.

Aero kit on car

Bodykits when tastefully done instantly make the car look awesome

So there you have it, folks! The Top 5 car modifications you can do to your vehicle! Make sure that before you modify your vehicle you get to browse through’s extensive car listings for the perfect car.

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