Tips to keep car temperature in normal level without air-conditioner

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Keep your car cool this summer without relying much on the A/C. For more tips brought to you by click here.

During the summer season, looking for a cool and shaded parking area for your car is really a challenge. If you park your car under the sun for quite some time or even if you park your car in a shaded area your car will surely still be hot on those blazing summer days. Here are some simple hacks from that you can follow to beat the heat.

Tip #1. Use a reflective cover

Use or cover your windshield with a reflective cover to prevent the heat to be trapped inside your car.  This can help lower the temperature for at least 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

car reflective insulator

You can cover your windshield using an old school insulator

Tip #2. Open the door and wait before get in

Before getting inside your car, simply open and close the doors of your car for several seconds before getting inside and starting the car. This is the fastest and easiest way to let the heat escape from your car.

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Tip #3. Park behind the sun

If you cannot find a shaded parking area, try to find a space where the sun is behind you. Doing this, you'll scale back the intensity of the heat that falls on handwheel, dashboard, and seats.

Tip #4. Insulate your dashboard and seat

If you do not have the car shades, you can simply cover your dashboard, seats and steering wheel with a towel or anything that would prevent your hands from burning. Leather seats can increase the heat, consider putting a cloth seat covers during summer.

covering leather seats

Protect your leather seats by using blankets or seat covers

Tip #5. Use wet towel

Another simple hack is to wet a towel before entering your car. Better to have a towel and a bottle of water handy in your car. You can wipe the seats, steering wheel and also the gear knob before entering your car. The wet towel can absorb heat from the plastic or metal surfaces, therefore, easier to the touch.

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Tip #6. Choose Outside mode in the air-conditioner

Select the OUTSIDE air mode in your aircon. Open the windows when doing this. This is to push the hot air out from your car. Do this for a minute or two then after this you close the windows. You can now change the knob RECIRCULATE mode.

Depending on your car, some cars use extra stepping on the accelerator, so the aircon keeps blowing air however not enough coldness when you keep on doing this. When running your car during the hot season accelerate your car slowly and your air-conditioner will run normally.

Tip #7. Make sure that your can is properly ventilated  

When leaving your car for a long time or throughout the day, make sure that it is properly ventilated. To get rid of the heat quickly, open all the doors and windows, likewise if you have a sunroof.

Tip #8. Open car windows when in private parking lot

When you park your car in a safe and secure location, like your garage or private parking, slightly open the windows for an inch. In this way, it can keep your car cooler.

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Tip #9. Travel in the early morning

If you plan to travel this summer or a long drive, plan your travel in the morning or in the evening when the weather is cooler and conducive. This to avoid the hot weather in the afternoon. You can also drive without using your air-conditioner because of cooler weather and also save time since there is less traffic early in the morning.

Car sunroof

Summer can be really cruel here in the Philippines

Tip #10. Wait for 2 mins before turn max the air-conditioner

Once you start driving, make sure that the windows are open for a minute or two. You are driving with a car interior that is maybe 50 degrees heat. Change the hot air inside with the air outside. Do not put your air-con to the max yet until a minute or two.

At the point when a car A/C is set to "max," it takes air from inside the vehicle's traveler compartment, cools it, and blows it once again into the vehicle.

solar car fan

Solar operated car fans are available in several online shopping sites

The issue with this is the air inside your vehicle is as yet more blazing than the air outside. On the off chance that it's 100 degrees outside, it maybe 150 degrees inside your vehicle before you begin the cooling procedure. So if your objective temperature is 70 degrees, an A/C set on "max" would need to chill the air off by 80 degrees.

When the vehicle inside begins to get cooler than the outside air (and after you've moved up the windows), that is the point at which you should set the forced air system to "max" and recycle that cooler air through the A/C framework.

Everything sounds basic, and that is on the grounds that it is. When you start doing these things on the standard, you'll wonder how you at any point oversaw without these traps.

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outside air mode for car aircon

Select the OUTSIDE air mode in your aircon and keep your windows open

Something else you should know is to not overstate with the temperature variations. In the event that it's extremely hot outside, don't transform your car into an igloo right away.

Upkeep is one approach to guarantee a consistent stream of cool air through the AC vents of your vehicle however it is additionally imperative to comprehend the correct method to utilize the cooling arrangement of your vehicle for greatest proficiency and legitimate cooling.

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