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Everything you need to know about storing gasoline and determining the span of time that fuel can last in a sealed container.

Some of us want to store gasoline to avoid spending too much time when going to the nearest gasoline refill station. Storing gasoline is indeed helpful, especially if gasoline stations are overrun with long lines and get empty within an hour.

It is also a possibility that gas stations have no electricity to pump. But storing gasoline is risky and challenging. There’s a risk of contamination, and it can become unusable. It is also hazardous if it is improperly stored.

Lots of people keep their gasoline in a metal or plastic container. But, is it the right container? How long can you store gasoline? Philkotse.com will help you know everything you need to know about this.

1. Stabilizers and octane

Gasoline has molecules in charge of carrying energy required to start and move devices that rely on gasoline to run. The said molecules are referred to as octane. Over time, octane gradually degrades. So, even if the gas is stored in the car's tank, its energy is decreasing because the amount of octane is dropping.

Refilling car fuel

Gasoline has molecules in charge of carrying energy required to smart devices that rely on gasoline to run

It will not be an issue if you're using stored gasoline to start and use generators. However, if you're planning to use stored gas for your vehicle, the low amount of octane won’t be able to start your car. It usually happens when the gasoline is stored for an extended period. High-octane gasoline can be stored in containers for three months, while low-octane gas can be kept for up to six months.

Basically, each container of stored gas needs to be utilized within six months. It’s recommended to renew supplies before then. If you’re wondering if you can store it for years, it’s possible.

Container of gasoline

Basically, each container of stored gas needs to be utilized within six months

Plenty of products can help you prolong the shelf life of gasoline supplies. You can prevent your gas from degrading and being almost or completely useless in three to six months by extending the octane life. It can be extended for up to over two years. These types of products are referred to as gasoline stabilizers and can be bought in specialized stores or even online.

Octane stabilizers keep octane molecules stable in the gasoline -- extending fuel life. Take note that this method needs to be done yearly.

gasoline stabilizer

Octane stabilizers will extend the life of gasoline by keeping octane molecules stable

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2. Gasoline storage

You need to store gasoline in cans that can only accommodate five gallons or less. Every container should have a lid. You can also utilize sealable tanks and containers. The safest and best option is to purchase a gasoline container or tank -- specifically made to store gasoline.

Take note that gas is highly flammable. Always remember, every time you store or fill gas (even into small engines), you need to be cautious. Make sure that the engine is cold or well cooled to prevent the occurrences of accidents.

Gasoline containers

You need to store gasoline in cans that can only accommodate five gallons or less

For added safety, keep the containers tightly sealed. In addition, you need to make sure that each container you purchased and use in storing gasoline is approved and specifically produced to store gas. It is the only way to store gasoline safely and legally.

If you plan to store gasoline in your property, you first have to comply with all the safety regulations regarding the appropriate gasoline storage and the right type of containers.

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3. Storage room/space

Aside from picking the right type of storage containers, you also have to ensure that the place where you plan to store the gasoline is suitable for keeping the gasoline. It's the best way to prevent the risk of accidents involving gasoline spills, poisoning, and fire.

A suitable storage room for gasoline should have normal room temperature, and it should be kept cool. Additionally, keep gas containers away from any light sources like indirect and direct sunlight. It is the main reason why the basement is one of the best possible options as gasoline storage.

gasoline storage space

A suitable storage room for gasoline should have normal to cool temperatures

Also, remember to keep gas containers away from any possible sources of heat. Some examples are furnaces, hot-water boilers, and any similar devices that emit heat -- no matter how low the heat emission is. It's considered reckless and unsafe to place gasoline containers near or inside a room with any heat source. If accidents happen, you're risking losing your supplies, your home, and even your life. It is the main reason why you need to handle and store gasoline with care.

You also need to remember to keep gasoline away from children. It’s also preferable to store the supplies away from your living space. If you don't have a basement or your basement has a furnace, you need to store gasoline in a different place. If this is the case, you can utilize your garage as long as it is safe, and it is built separately from your living space.

You also have another option which is to build a shed (if you don't have one) in your backyard. Just make sure that it is strong, well-made, and resistant to rain. You should ensure that the supplies in the shed will not be affected by bad weather. Of course, there should be no heat sources that can affect the supplies and cause accidents.

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4. Bottom line

Gasoline is risky to store; however, it is an excellent way to save money and time, especially if you want to avoid long queues in the gasoline station. Storing gasoline is also done in times of gasoline shortage. You have to remember that you can't store gas indefinitely. It can go bad over time and when handled inappropriately.

It can last up to three to six months if kept in a clean and airtight container. To prolong the gasoline life for a year, you can use octane stabilizers, which will prevent octane degradation and allow you to store gasoline longer.

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