Do these 5 minor things and your car will suffer deleterious consequences

Oct 09, 2019 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips
Most car users unintentionally do harm to their "friend" because of unfortunate mistakes. Let's list out 5 things you will accidentally damage your beloved car

A modern car which is maintained properly will be able to run the distance of 322,000 km without any costly repairs. However, most car users unintentionally do harm to their "friend" because of unfortunate mistakes. Let's list out 5 things you will accidentally damage your beloved car with!

1. Be lazy to change engine oil

oil change

Being lazy to change the engine oil will directly affect the gearbox

Engine oil will be degraded when cycling throughout the engine during the car operation. Along with the engine's operation, the lubricant performance of the oil decreases and the engine eventually wears out.

Replacing a new engine or reworking the engine will cost you a fair amount of money. Therefore, if you want "your companion" to be healthy and durable on all of your journeys, you need to pay attention to changing oil according to the recommendations.

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2. Not align the tire when changing

If the tire is not aligned properly, it may wear out quickly or get damaged in unexpected areas. It not only forces you to change the tire prematurely but also affects safety when driving. Therefore, when changing tires, you need to make sure that, during the installation, the tire is aligned correctly.

Car Tires

Unalignment of the tire makes it wear out quickly

3. Use non-genuine wheels with wrong size specification

The improper usage of the wheel will affect the suspension, the body and the inherent smoothness of the car. If the tire is larger than the original, it not only causes the wheel to be quickly damaged but also results in faster degradation of the fender.

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non-genuine wheels

Using non-genuine wheels with the wrong size affects the suspension, fenders and so on

4. Buy cheap batteries

At present, there is a myriad of types of batteries offered by retailers on the market. However, you need to carefully choose the right battery for your car to ensure the electrical system works properly and to avoid costly repairs.

car batteries

Carefully select the battery suitable for your vehicle

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5. Be penny-pinching when it comes to repairing scratches on the paint

When your car is scratched accidentally, you should not just treat it as a chore and handle it carelessly. Non-professional treatment may damage the adjacent paint areas. 

The advice for you, in this case, is to take your vehicle to a professional car center for repair. Remember that tackling the scratches in a professional way would cost less than solving the consequences of an amateurish repair.

repairing scratches on the paint

Fixing the scratches in an unprofessional way will degrade the car paint much faster