7 tips to make your car ready for the "important moment" with your crush

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Keep following and know how to use your car to make lasting impression to someone special!

Imagine this: Your much awaited annual company party is just around the corner. You have always prepared for it every year and has been consistently nominated in the best dressed category. This year, you’ll do much more preparation because you discovered an old officemate who had a revolutionary makeover and you had your eye on her ever since. You feel that this year your singleness will be over, and you’ll finally have the courage to ask her out – in that party, while drinking and dancing.

Office love

Your office crush goes to the party - now its time for you to gain those pogi points!

The day you have awaited the most has come and you, again, are a head turner. The night goes on and you sit there waiting for her impatiently, thinking she may not actually come. After a few more minutes of drinking, talking and partying, just like a movie you saw her making her way in the crowd, her hair seemingly dancing in the wind.

You don’t know if it’s the tequila or what, but somehow you mustered all the courage in your body and walked towards her to meet at the center. She was startled as you asked if you could give her a ride home.

With a smile and a nod – your life was changed in an instant. As you now walk towards your car, you stop and thought to yourself: “How ready is my car for this?” You got caught up in the moment, gaining all the pogi points throughout the party and now you’re not even sure if your car is prepared for this moment. She’s standing there, smiling and waiting for you to open the car door for her.

Now, you don’t want to lose those pogi points just because of a not so ready car. Philkotse.com would definitely want to avoid this kind of situation so, let’s go ahead and dig a little deeper on how you can make your car ready and help you give a good first impression to your girl. How to Make Your Car Ready For That “Moment”?

1. Make sure your car is clean and shiny

First impressions last, so why not make it good? If you will be invited by your long time crush for a ride home and you see his or her car all muddy and dusty, how would you feel? If it’s dusty and dirty outside, you could only imagine how it is from the inside, right?

Cleanliness reflects a lot of things about a person – his or her personal hygiene, how he or she handles things, how important is sanitation to him or her, if he or she is health conscious – among others. If you see a clean person, with his station clean and organized, that would surely make a good impression, yes?

A couple in a car

Cleanliness is next to godliness so make sure that your car is clean

Same goes with your car. For it to bear major pogi points, you would want to make sure that it is clean and shiny before your crush sees it. You wouldn’t want to see her run her fingers onto the dust. And you know, sometimes you can wash your car at home easily without spending any peso.

2. Make sure your car interior is organized

You excitedly opened the car door for her and upon opening it, she sees a whole bunch of things on the passenger seat. You got totally embarrassed and have to reach out inside only to get those pile of stuff and throw them to the back seat. You got up and apologized and she just showed a wry smile.

A couple in a car

Organized car interior can definitely make a good impression

Same as cleanliness, being organized tells a lot of things about a person. If a person is messy outside like in the office or even with his own car, you could only imagine how disorganized his life is. Being messy could mean that someone doesn’t have the ability to even put a single thing in its appropriate place when it’s that simple.

A woman wouldn’t want someone who couldn’t even get his things together. Here are 5 simple hacks to keep your car organized, which will surely help to leave your crush a nice impression on both you and your car.

3. Make sure that it’s cold inside

Being a tropical country, most of the time it’s hot and humid. You wouldn’t want your crush to be sitting inside a vehicle where she would sweat out too. Your car temperature should make a huge difference from the temperature outside. Your car is supposed to provide her with comfort and relief. So before you open your car door for her, make sure your car is already cold inside.

4. Make sure your car smells good

Your car might be clean but having it smelling good could be a different thing. Be prepared to have some mild fresheners inside like mint or lavender for a more relaxing feel and vibe. Girls like to be in places that smell good as it helps them to feel comfortable and at ease. If your car unfortunately gets uncomfortable smells, well, it comes to be an emegency. 

5. Make sure you are armed with her favorite music

The duration of your first ride together can be full of awkward silence, especially if you are the shy type. However, nothing can be awkward if you play the right music along. Music can even spitfire a good conversation – the type that you won’t even realize that you have reached your destination.

a couple in a car

Good music and good conversations can lead to great moments

Try to spy and know what music she listens to, study it and try to do some research about it. You can play the all-knowing guy who knows what her music is all about and nothing can ever appeal to a girl as much as common music liking. So when you play something from your stereo, you’re on a good way to go.

6. Pack some fluffy, comfy snugs

One more thing that would make a woman feel comfortable is if she can hold something and hug it. No, not you yet, but more like pillows, stuff toys and other fluffy things. This will make her feel at ease, so all the tension she feels inside could be rerouted to the fluffy pillow she’s hugging. It can also strike a good convo.

7. Pack some sweets

Make sure that you have some emergency sweets packed in your glove compartment. As a gentleman’s gesture, you can offer her some sweets just to take her palate off whatever she ate before you go home. Mints are also a great idea.

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