Best car features that are convenient but not really priorities

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Here are the most hyped auto features that get top billing, are mere garnishing and nothing more.

Car owners are in the golden age of convenience; wherein the modern auto has made everything easy for the driver. will point out why they only lessen the workload but does not do anything other than be a fancy new feature.

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All these new auto features aren’t that necessary!

Cars a generation ago were a far cry; from the cars of today! Imagine the best-equipped auto packed with the hottest gadgetry, that an expensive tag price can buy. Kidding aside; to some degree of credit, there are several that will be worth something but not really a priority.

Which leads to the conclusion; the best car features that are convenient but not really a priority when looked at thoroughly. It may seem that cars are starting to have all these car features; just to justify all advances just to make driving easier. This created the perfect driving environment that need not lift a finger or have excess attention paid to driving tasks!

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Some arguments that justify modern car features and against it

Now, we’ll go over the pros and cons that are relevant to these modern features installed in most cars. With the lesser cost of installation; these features may soon be fully integrated into the entry-level as well!

The benefits that these features give to motorists

1. Gives more access to physically challenged drivers

Most of the new features on cars; allow even drivers who are unable to drive cars without these features. Problems with movement and some injuries will make even twisting difficult for them. Many of these features use simple motions to access the function or task!

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2. Some features will remind the driver of abnormal driving behavior

For example; these features are autonomous and keep reminding drivers like a broken record. This prevents fatal collisions and keeps human error at a minimum.

Modern car features

3. These features allow drivers to focus on the road

Instead of micro-managing all tasks related to driving; these modern features will take some or more of the workload from the driver.

Some of the detrimental effects of these features

1. Drivers become lazy and too dependent on these features

When drivers find out the ease these features give them, they may allow the car to manage more of their tasks.

2. ECU and car automation is not perfect and driving human-style is much better

These technologies are always refined, and some that have potential bad effects are de-equipped from production cars. Human error is normal, but when machines make errors, it is chaos.

Self-driving car

Don't depend on machines too much cause when machines make errors, it is chaos

3. The inclusion of these features makes cars more expensive

Yes. It’s all about what could be packed in and jack the price up! Many of these features are prized by those who love new car tech, and not all features will become permanent.

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Car features that can be done without but are convenient

Time to run down all the best car features that are convenient but not really a priority, but does jive with most drivers. Many of these features are trickled to entry-level cars to entice; more buyers to get these cars. Here they are and what should be noted.


Time to run down all the best car features that are convenient but not really a priority, but does jive with most drivers

1. One-touch Start and Stop button

Is the ignition for the key missing? Nope, it has been replaced by a button that does all the work! No worries with losing keys or the ignition not working too. Just a press and the engine starts like magic.

2. Shift paddles for changing gears

Feeling a bit tired with all that shifting using a stick? Use these paddles without a hand ever leaving the steering wheel; like video game style as well. These features will good with injuries that limit movement.

Car sensors

These features will good with injuries that limit movement

3. Adaptive Cruise Control

On the freeway; the car keeps distance and never gets too close. The brakes engage when radar or sonar makes the front car too close! This prevents collisions better than regular cruise control; which is far better.

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4. Blindside monitor

Shifting lanes can be dangerous when another car is going at speed! The blindside monitor will alarm the driver or in some cars, pull the car back into the lane. One of the most useful yet not priority features that are surprisingly worth it.

5. Auto headlights

When the day fades; some visibility is lost while driving on the road and is a safety issue. These auto headlights will turn on when low light is detected by sensors. This autonomous system ensures that visibility is good at all times of the day!

auto headlights

When the day fades; some visibility is lost while driving on the road and is a safety issue

6. Heated seats

It’s early morning, and the car is entered, but a chilly seat will meet your buttocks! Consider heated seats as a feature that keeps the morning chill at bay. In winter; this would be the best thing when driving too.

All the best car features that are convenient but not really a priority may or may not survive as standard car tech. Despite bordering on oafishness and extravagance; they lighted the driver’s tasks very much. Consider what is best and vital for all those concerned!


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