9 steps to choose and install fog lights

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Here are handy and easy steps to install fog lights on your vehicle. Also, check out the different types of light bulbs that can be used.

Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to install or replace a car's fog lights brought to you by Philkotse.com.

Step #1: Check your local rules and regulations regarding fog lights

Whether you’re planning to replace fog lights or you just want to install a new pair, you might want to consider the law before actually buying one. Make sure that the new fog lights that you picked out are compliant. Not all colors of fog lights are permitted for use by the Land Transportation Office so make sure you check with them first.

You wouldn’t want to get fined for installing flashy, teal-colored fog lights thinking they were good for the road.

Car and fog

Consider the law before actually buying or installing fog lights

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Step #2: Pick a type of bulb for your fog lights

Now that you know which color palette you can choose from, you can now pick your preferred bulb type for the fog lights. First of all, you should know that you have three types of bulbs to choose from. Your budget will be the biggest factor in this part of the decision.

Halogen is the cheapest bulb type out there and it’s also the easiest to get ahold of. You can find this in almost every auto shop and hardware store. However, it is also the least dependable due to the materials that it’s made of.

A single piece of a halogen bulb is made with halogen gas and a single filament. It gets hot really quick and usually burns out in a matter of weeks or so, especially if it’s used for long periods of time.

Halogen lights

Halogen is the cheapest bulb type out there and it’s also the easiest to get a hold of

HID (High-Density Discharge) uses xenon gas in order to produce high quantities of bright light. This usually comes with a reasonable price but it is highly patronized for the brightness it produces. Some say that its light quality comes close to the brightness level you can see in plain daylight.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are intensely bright and are highly preferred for their long lifespan. These two qualities make LED bulbs highly-priced and sought after by shoppers who clearly understand the quality and value for money.

LED bulbs also require less energy even for the bright light quality that they produce. They are also hardly affected by the vibrations that your vehicle produces.

Car with LED lights as fog lights

LED are intensely bright and are highly preferred for their extensive lifespan before wear and replacement

Step #3: Pick the location

Choosing the bulb type was the easy part. Now it’s time to pick out the style of lights that you want to install on your car. There is a large selection of fog lights available in the market but they can be broken down into three general mounting categories.

Bumper mount

These types of fog lights require a dedicated hole for their installation. The holes can be square or round depending on what is pre-installed on your vehicle. We say pre-installed because most of the manufactured cars today have bumper-mounted fog lights.

In fact, the vehicle you may be trying to tinker with right now might as well have bumper-mounted fog lights. So if you’re trying to plainly replace stock fog lights, this is the type we suggest you go for.

Bumper mount lights

Bumper mount lights require a dedicated hole for their installation

Grille mount

These fog lights are generally bigger in size and usually come in one shape only – round. Grill-mounted fog lights can be found right on the front of big vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks. Sometimes it can also be mounted right behind the grille.

Grill-mounted fog lights

Grill-mounted fog lights can be found right on the front of big vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks

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Rack-mounted fog lights can either be round or rectangular in shape. These are installed on the hood of the vehicle and sometimes onto the front brush guard. Just like grille mounts, they are common in pickups and SUVs.

Rack mounted fog light.

Just like grille mounts, they are common in pickups and SUVs

Step #4: Open your car hood

Pop your car’s hood to start working. For bumper-mounted fog lights, the mounting hole should be under the headlights. If you’re having trouble finding them, you can simply check your manual for reference.

Step #5: Look for the fog light switch and disconnect it from the housing

Get your handy manual and try to find out where the fog light switch is located. This could vary depending on the style your car currently has so it’s best to consult your manual rather than poke around. Make sure that you find the correct piece or you might end up injuring yourself if you try to tug at the wrong engine part.

The fog light switch should be disconnected by simply detaching a clip-like block of plastic with various wires in it.

Fog light switch

Get your handy manual and try and find out where the fog light switch is located

Step #6: Unscrew the washer, nut, and bolt

Successfully removing these let you remove the fog light housing without too much trouble. Make sure you use appropriate tools or you might end up damaging the parts or scratching your car. Set the nuts, bolts, and washers in a safe place where you won’t lose them.

Step #7: Take the housing off

Be careful when doing this. You wouldn’t want to scratch the bumper. If you have a grill or a roof mount, lift the housing away from your vehicle to avoid leaving scratches.

Step #8: Put the new fog light in place

After successfully removing the old fog light, you can easily fit the new one in the housing. If the fog lights you bought don’t fit, consider checking if you’ve gotten the right ones. Inspect the holes that were left by your old fog lights are a perfect fit for your new ones or else you might need to drill in new holes.

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Step #9: Finishing touches

Once you have your fog lights in place, simply screw the bolts back on along with the nut and the washer. You also go ahead and reconnect the switch you disconnected earlier. Then, voila! You’re good to go.

LED lights

After you finished everything, you’re good to go

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